SEOUL – nylon korea june 2011 (2)

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  1. Kdotorg says:

    Im loving the printed blazer in the first photo, so good!

  2. s says:

    Very nice pics ;D

    STREET STYLE: The Blonde Salad @ Paris

  3. Davidikus says:

    I agree: the blazer in the first pic is GRAND.
    The bag in the last one is very amusing too. Not terribly original but amusing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love it :)


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  5. Love the girl in the middle, her long skirt looks really gorgeous from that angle.

  6. great pics, love the first photo :)


  7. linda says:

    i love the skirt, it reminds me of leyedencker la’s long maxi style skirts. i love seeing looks from korea, keep up the good work :) !

  8. how gorgeous! I love Seoul♥

  9. The third photo is brilliant, both the style and just the composition of the image. The house on the left is just right :)

    Thordur Sveinsson

  10. Edelweiss says:

    the third photo is simply perfect1 really! congrats!!!!

  11. how gorgeous! I love Seoul♥

  12. Oh my Dior! says:

    all this girls have a great sense of style!!

  13. Dasom says:

    Im happy to post Korea fashion :)) 한국!!

  14. Such amazing style – love the bag in the last pic!

  15. Chanok S. says:

    The third photo is my fav! I love your amazing eyes Yvan :)

  16. Blackcowboy says:

    yepp the first photo is amazing.
    How do you like this style here?

  17. Jannica says:

    3rd pic awesome!!

  18. her persona says:

    love the third pic. and the first pic jacket

  19. SwapQueen II says:

    love the biege white look!
    very cool!

  20. Polly says:

    The girl on picture number 4 look like my Korean friends Minjung (:

  21. Liza says:

    Now that’s a cool purse!