PARIS – men’s wear fashion week ss12, bonus 1

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  1. Kira Lilly says:

    those trainers in the second photo are so cool!!

    KIRA LILLY fashion blog

  2. ZINA says:

    Thank you dear :)

  3. CarolineJ says:

    love the skirt on the firt picture !

  4. Edelweiss says:

    i always love asiatic style…but i don’t know exactly why!!

  5. i love how the first outfit is like, maxi or mini? BOTH. Indecision, plague of the fashion queens.

  6. Claire M. says:

    I love the colorful shoes! get outfits too ;)

  7. Chanok S. says:

    love all those photos! the second shoes are so colorful, that’s nice! The girl in white also my fav, her look is amazing!

  8. YAY!! Super cool, love those (i think Henrik Vibskov) trousers!

  9. Maria says:

    The shoes with zebra print, cool!

  10. s says:

    very nice pics… love them ;)


  11. Swanny says:

    LOVE the leather top outfit in pic #3….

  12. Love how the skirt in the first picture is so long at the back and so short over just one leg. Looks really cool!


  13. Ines says:

    awesome! especially the skirt in the first picture. wearing it, you’ll never again have to chose between mini and maxi. great idea.
    and the style of the last picture also is very inspiring. i still am very much in love with layers.

  14. Low says:

    I love Zina’s skirt and style!!
    And the colorful sneakers! Gorgeous!

  15. Anonymous says:

    i love love love that long dress in the third picture and the center part.. perfection. i have a dress just like this from leyendecker, ill have to try it with my hair parted in the middle :):):):):)

  16. Rai Grant says:

    I love the multi coloured hightops, may have to get the fabric paints out and create a pair for myself.

    Great find :0)