ZAGREB – dreft fashion week, day 3, 05/21/11

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  1. Samo JA says:

    Ko je ova pica u traper košulji?! Brutalna je!

  2. Little Sable says:

    ♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
    from your follower! ♡
    With love Little Sable

  3. Jessie says:

    still enjoying your zagreb escapades. such a different style and look they have there.

  4. Prutha says:

    the girl in the denim everything is hot yvan

  5. Zagreb style is quite different. The first outfit is kooky!

  6. Lola Finn says:

    The last girl is so cool! Love her dress!

  7. Ditte says:

    Really enjoyed Zagreb streetstyle! very casual and effotless!
    love the last girl, fierce!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wooho my sister again ^__^
    Hahaha the girl in the denim with the colorful necklace :DD~~
    She is the deputy chief editor on ^__^!! hehehe glad you like it :P

  9. Getri says:

    great styles!

  10. anna says:

    great blue collection! nice hint for a shopping run!

  11. Michelle Lee says:

    love the jean w/ jean styling :)

  12. ateiramMT says:

    I like the first one!….

  13. Sipriina says:

    really interesting people :)

  14. beesandbugs says:

    Great photos! Love all the looks! Those shades of blue are awesome and the design of the dress in the last picture is stunning! :)

  15. The black dress is stunning, and with those ruffles just smashing!

  16. shirrrley says:

    I really like the second outfit. The fit of the jean shirt looks really good and the necklace really helps put everything together.


  17. balthasar says:

    i love the pants in the first picture. unfortunately the shoes don’t fit at all!


  18. oslolook says:

    Great shots, love the looks and style. Colors, faces and accessories are awesome, and so is Facehunter!

  19. La Balda says:

    i love light blue colour for trousers and bags. BYE BYE

  20. Tony SHT says:

    Denim obsession-I like it! They all’re gorgeous! :)

  21. Nikki diamonds says:

    This is nice!

    Make up and fashion by me ..

  22. blue on blue on blue on blue! what joy.

    The last girl looks like a witch, but instead of riding a broomstick she floats on piet mondrians… I mean this in the most positive way of course.

  23. Chanok S. says:

    I love the black dress! super cool :)

  24. Tiny Boot says:

    Nice…I love the varying hues of blue & denim. Monochromatic!