SYDNEY – australian fashion week, day 3, 05/04/11

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  1. bestie says:

    Nicole looks fab! Great set x

  2. Wida says:

    The 3rd and 4th shot are extremely amazing! Great job!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Oh my Dior! says:

    I totally love the yellow dots!

  4. beesandbugs says:

    Love all of them! Especially the pops of yellow and those Celine trousers :)
    Great shots!

  5. Lucy says:

    I love the first look! Cute and quirky!

  6. wow gorgeous pics !! I want sun !!!

  7. Amazing photos. You can teach me some tricks when you come to Zagreb :p
    Love, M.

  8. my home girls…miss Sydney!!! Lighting here is insane!

  9. JULIANE says:

    absolutely great!
    i love sydney!!


  10. They all look amazing, and such gorgeous photos!!

    XO Charlotte

  11. It’s very interesting to that Aus seems to have a more relaxed vibe with FW!

  12. Sasha says:

    pics look surreal:) amazing background<3

  13. 2nd picture: one of a kind pants, beautiful!

  14. zebiah says:

    Love old the outfits!!!

  15. Jessie says:

    great pants in the second photograph. i love!! thanks for keeping me updated with this fashion week. so exciting!

  16. Doortje says:

    Great outfits, but my what first catches my eye is the location! So beautiful!

  17. I really do like them but the last one not at all.

    cool instead

  18. Vasilieva says:

    the looks are brilliant, gorgeous shots

  19. Edelweiss says:

    love the third!!!

  20. E... says:

    I’m in lvoe with the Cèline trousers really really really great, amazing!

  21. Plami says:

    Amazing outfits!!! I love the yellow skirt in the third picture!


  22. The Styley says:

    The color situation in the first image is just beautiful. Love it.

  23. ivana says:

    Like them all but yellow dots and yellow skirt are the best :)).
    I hope I’l see you in Zagreb,
    Love Ivana

  24. Lauren says:

    Those are some great looks. I especially love the third one.

    The Styleseer

  25. Amazing blue sky:) I loved the outfits!

  26. YAY you shot nicole!


    *hugs from oslo*

    x Ingrid

  27. The pants in the second picture are BEYOND AMAZING….awesome post!!

  28. comedy show says:

    I like the first look! Cute and quirky!
    Also all photographs are beautiful

  29. The Sydney sunshine is hard to tame; one could say you made a good job of it. Loving abundance of Asian faces now calling the lucky country home.


  30. kwai says:

    On a grey rainy English morning like today, the pics, location, models & designs have brightened up my day.

    Excellent work Face Hunter.

    Kwai Fashion.

  31. Anna Duthie says:

    amazing Celine trousers, beautiful textile..

  32. john says:

    fantastic post.nicole looking so much hot & sexy.

  33. Your fashion is so cute. Forwarding trend!

  34. Hikkaduwa says:

    Nice one Nicole!

  35. Oh Nicole, we had the chance to interviewed her for our blog, she is amazing, love her style !

    Kisses from France

    O & M