SYDNEY – australian fashion week, bonus 1

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  1. Girl in black, Wow! Great leggins, shoes and corset…

  2. s says:

    Very nice pics ;D


  3. t olugbala says:

    statement necklace + army jacket = today’s outfit inspiration!

  4. it's so pink says:

    love the white dress!!

  5. Jessie says:

    the style in sydney is so happy and cheerful. i love it though. great captures! :D

  6. Love the girl in the oversized white dress. Great style! Is it from ACNE?

    XO Charlotte

  7. Davidikus says:

    Some of these girls are pretty & they have a very Australian sense of style!

  8. great shots. Love the first girl so much.

  9. I love the “girl in white” !! I’m totally in love with your photos !


  10. Edelweiss says:

    love the woman in white!

  11. The Styley says:

    Photo number 3 is so joyous. It made me so happy! Terrific.

    On another note, after much resistance, these pictures are inspiring in me a surprising craving for open-toed boots. Hmm.


  12. Anonymous says:

    really really awful clothes. Omg.

  13. Wow… they all have the most intresteting pieces and wear them superbly well! Impressed.

  14. Jane Alisa says:

    LOVE the girl in the white dress.

  15. Anonymous says:

    pink socks…. HIDEOUS!!

  16. Sadia komal says:

    Great Photographic skills

  17. They look so beautiful.

  18. sapphi says:

    Oh why oh why did you not visit Melbourne this time, Yvan?!?

  19. annajoanna says:

    Lovely faces and blog.
    Pls visit my blog.

  20. oh
    I adore combination of orange and green colors
    you look great!

  21. Annushka says:

    stunning pictures you are great! xx

  22. great photos and cool style!!!

  23. Robert says:

    These photos are suicidal.. Oh my dear!

  24. Lauren says:

    Really love the U.S. Army jacket outfit and the girl in the black leggings and tan coat looks fabulous. I want that coat!

    The Styleseer

  25. Pink socks? Now THIS girl knows how to dress like a Brazilian. In my country, the nuns wear high heels. My compliments to your style. It is mine completely. I am living in Maine but I miss Rio de Janeiro where I can dress like that and it is normal. Here I get the cow look, hahaha. If you ever go to Rio email or call me and I will tell you where to go to find your fashion zemith. Dresses at 15 dollars that here would sell for 120-150.


  26. i’m the girl in the white dress and yes it is acne! love all your photos and glad to be part of them xx

  27. Stassia says:

    Wite dress is wonderful!!

  28. The white dress in photo four gets my vote. Looks comfortable and very stylish

  29. Blackswan says:

    ahh Joelyne looks fabulous! Loving her bold bright pink socks! What a great photo of her

    x Lauren

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  31. Love the U.S. Army jacket outfit and the girl in the black leggings and tan coat looks fabulous.

  32. I adore combination of orange and green colors
    you look great!

  33. QJIN P says:

    Wow, these girls are still fresh