MOSCOW – strelka, 2nd bretskaya & kamergersky pereulok, 05/24-25/11

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  1. the mix of spazzy pink sheerness in a maxi with a touch of fluff is realllllly making my heart palitate. good on ya’, pic #1.

  2. s says:

    very nice pics ;))

    Balmain & her 2nd Ligne “Pierre BALMAIN”

  3. More more russian girls!!!)))

  4. More more russian girls!!!)))

  5. Vasilieva says:

    loving that first photo, awesome red sheering maxi

  6. oslolook says:

    Love the dude with the buttoned up red plaid shirt, hippie choker, apache hairdo and the doobie ;)

  7. Just looking at that red skirt makes me happy.

  8. Amalina says:

    The skirt in that first one is gorgeous!

  9. Clemence M. says:

    Love the maxi dress with that colored necklace !

  10. Isabel says:

    Que buenas fotos.
    Me encanta el primer look.
    Vesos isabel

  11. Little Rus says:

    It’s so nice to see a bit of Russia. Love the first picture the most – the colour of that skirt is like a dancing summer bliss. :) x

  12. The first outfit is totally amazing!

  13. Anonymous says:

    pfff, the second girl just is awfull…no style, only stuff.

  14. Lea says:

    Great first picure! I LOVE that colour!!

  15. Ratan Jha says:

    However all of the outfits are simply superb, I like the first one the most… Thanks

  16. Annushka says:

    I like this place, great shots!

  17. The Styley says:

    The woman with the red skirt looks like a princess–a contemporary princess, of course.

  18. Lauren says:

    Love, love, love the first outfit! The bright sheer maxi skirt, the necklace, the denim blazer – perfectly pulled together.

    The Styleseer

  19. I loooove first photo!
    She looks amazing :)


  20. Nikki diamonds says:

    Great Styles!

    Make up tips and fashion videos

  21. koobox says:

    this picture is very beautiful!

  22. beesandbugs says:

    Great photos!
    Just fell in love with the look on the first one! It is really amazing! :)

  23. fabipio says:

    I loved the blue playsuit! She’s gorgeous as well! :-)

  24. Chanok S. says:

    The first girl so amazing! love her outfit :)
    Great job Yvan!

  25. Lucía says:

    I’m in love with the first picture

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  27. miche purses says:

    love the photos. the first look shows how to do a maxi skirt properly :)