REYKJAVÍK – fashion festival, 04/01/11

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  1. Vasilieva says:

    gorgeous shots, amazing looks and the colours are just fabulous

  2. Jessie says:

    i love seeing all the style throughout your travels. it is so interesting to see the vast difference in styles around the world.

  3. Davidikus says:

    Did you rencently change camera or are you using a new setup? The colours on your blog have changed so much, it is almost a different blog.

  4. says:

    ahh too cute! love these sweet ladies- esp the tights in blocks of shade

  5. I love the shots, really awesome

    Must Visit –

  6. Shaped Pens says:

    Love the shoes in the top photo!

  7. aga says:

    Crazy and sexy :) I like it!

  8. Londonholic says:

    Beautiful Shots!! I really want to go to Reykjavik. You must like there as well. I’ve seen lots of your pix. Love it!!

  9. pau says:

    the first two pictures are really so beautiful!!

  10. E... says:

    I lvoe the ruches in the first pic,amazing!

  11. nice day must be celebrated with colors! :)

  12. Annushka says:

    It is so much creativity and brightness in photos!!! xox

  13. Lila Rosa says:

    Wow!Gorgeous Ladies and of course amazing shots,as usual!

    x lila

  14. Tofu says:

    great legs, cute strips !

  15. Wonderful photos! Absolutely love the striped tights!