MANCHESTER – francesca & irina, oxford road, 04/08/11

More photos of the city on my Visual Diary.

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  1. JULIANE says:

    I really love the first picture!

  2. amalie says:

    love the first girls jacket!

  3. analee says:

    I like the eyes of the first lady

  4. Lovely girls with great style.

    My Style Affair

  5. salome says:

    Nice pics ;D

    Street style POPPY DELEVIGNE

  6. says:

    Love the first picture!
    X Joyastar.

  7. Beatrice B. says:

    I love the oversize sweater over the blouse…nice combo! will definitely be copied soon ;)

    Also like the hairstyle of the top girl… reminds me a little bit on Penelope Cruz…softer version…I like when girls take it easy and leisure with their hairdo, just sexy and natural.


  8. Rachael says:

    Beautiful girls and great outfits! Love the first outfit especially.

  9. Vasilieva says:

    awesome looks, amazing shots as always, gorgeous selection

  10. E... says:

    I lvoe the last asymmetric sweater…cooool!

  11. STEFANIE says:

    Love Francesca’s shirt!!

  12. first girl is really pretty.

  13. Jessie says:

    i love the sweater in the last picture. the asymmetrical accent is great. these photos are wonderful!

  14. Anonymous says:

    They look great! surprised as it’s mostly primark

  15. streetlounge says:

    Like the first lady a lot :)

  16. Blackcowboy says:

    The first girl is really cute and I like her outfit.

  17. fabipio says:

    Loved the colour combination of the second one! Great pic! :-)

  18. Sarah says:

    I love the off shoulder knit with the shirt underneath!

  19. Liz says:

    Manchester is unappreciated as a city of style!

  20. The girl in the first (and second) photo looks amazing, love her style!

    xo thefashionguitar

  21. Anonymous says:

    First girl is amazing, love her eyebrows!

  22. Chris says:

    The first girl works at bluu bar – I know this since I fell in love with her last week too! Adorable.