PARIS – fashion week aw 11, day 3, 03/03/11

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  1. †ELMO† says:

    In lurve with 4 and 7

  2. increibles !!!como siempre..

  3. says:

    La 1ère photo est très très belle.
    Sur la 3ème, la fille à un look d’enfer, chic tout en restant simple.

  4. Sophia says:

    that last photo! the light, wauw!

  5. Weekday says:


  6. Sarah J says:

    All so beautiful!
    So much love.

  7. i love the photo effects used on the first photo. it is so cool and different. i am also a big fan of your street wear captures. so chic.

  8. Aquele casaco de veludo é lindo

  9. Davidikus says:

    The reflections in the first picture are ACE! One has got to love the Place de la Concorde.

  10. E... says:

    The first pic is a first imagiune fo the fashion world and the miu Miu bags is cool!

  11. I thought I saw you during NYFW while going to shows :) but I was not sure. Great shots, dude!

    x X

  12. Anne says:

    its really nice…

  13. Oriela says:


  14. Oriela says:


  15. styleatelier says:

    Wow– love the first photo! -Angela

  16. blue roses says:

    i am obsessed with that fur! what a great cut and design, easily adaptable to warm weather.

  17. AWESOME PHOTOS! My favorite is the last one.
    Keep up the great work and positives vibes. (-:

  18. Vasilieva says:

    gorgeous shots, as always great styles.

    hope to see you in paris tomorrow

  19. It was great to meet you today

  20. Oh my, the first picture is so amazing…!!

  21. Sandra says:

    great photos! but for me the second and the third are the best!

  22. ConFashions says:

    Love the shorthair firl in the dotty jumpsiut! Those eyebrows… WOW

  23. Swanny says:

    lady in the 3rd picture…she is beautiful!

  24. the first picture is a beautiful photograph – almost an art piece! x

  25. Tomi DF says:

    i love the hair cut!

  26. Love the dotted wide leg pants!

    xo thefashionguitar

  27. Anonymous says:

    Would like if horrible people didn’t wear FUR… Seriously dear woman in the picture, they suffer so much for just this piece.