PARIS – fashion week aw 11, day 2, 03/02/11

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  1. Enisdaba says:

    Love the multicolor bag!!!!

  2. NEDA says:

    I adore the last image; the guy is showcasing sheer sophistication and elegance…i love the sailor-stripes in the jacket, and ofcourse, we must not underestimate the beauty of the prada; incredible…a gorgeous shape, colour and enitre struction.
    X Neda X

  3. love the photograph of the girl with the black fur. so classic yet chic. what a great setting for the photo as well.

  4. Nice collection of cool outfits.

  5. Ayshe Rose says:

    I am also at Paris fashion week, I wonder if I’ll ever make it to this blog ;)

  6. Melody says:

    Love the black fur poncho! Very lovely!

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    Grande Jewelry

    Hope to hear/see some thoughts and comments from you!

    With love,

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have one good thing to say about any of these looks I absolutely hate them it often seems that you don’t turn off the ugly filter (NOT the people the clothing) just because a person is willing to pose it really doesn’t mean that they should be featured………


  8. Beatrice B. says:

    the second one is stunning… but I’m not quite sure about all the others. some too fashionista others kinda not really lucky with their pick i guess. well, not sure but thumb up for number 2!

  9. Emma Pull says:

    beautiful, clear photographs. loving the blue in the images.

  10. Sandy says:

    That’s what I call STYLE! Love the second one!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks again Facehunter! :) The girl with the short blonde hair looks great! Like that celebrity! The first girl, Ive seen her a lot in street style pictures and she always looks like she is trying way too hard to get attention- Costumes don’t neccesarily project style. The girl with the two toned shoes looks like she’s going to high school not fashion week. Nice BLUE color in the last photo.

  12. Katrin says:

    Can’t stop starring at this amazing Prada bag on the last pic!

  13. Joana Gomes says:

    you always take the greatest street style pictures. love coming back here

  14. Anonymous says:

    The shoes in the first photo are great despite cameltoe above. The second girl with the dark blazer has very nice proportions in her outfits. Dame wearing the black fur, hat, leggings on the legs (??) that funnel into black and white plastic oxfords looks twelve years old and confused. The last gentleman has amazing shoes!

  15. Davidikus says:

    I like the man’s sleeveless jacket. Men’s fashion is not prominent enough on blogs.

    PS. I love the combination of patterns but one in the first pic really does not work. We are very far from the genius of Lacroix here!

  16. Really very nice images, i like your blog post styles.

  17. lol, is that a pomeranian in her bag?

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  18. This cap gives such a signal, a line. Love the colored bag in addition.
    Modernism art downtown.

  19. Really lovely post <3
    I adore the 6th photos with the really stunning bowler hat!

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia ☺

  20. Jake London says:

    I’m in shock! A pair of loose wide leg jeans and I like them.

  21. Color color everywhere! I love that!

  22. alyssa says:

    love the picture with black fur coat and black hat in front of the tower. love the fur top though as well:)

  23. Riku Oshima says:

    I love last one. cool!!!!!!!

  24. zebiah says:

    Love the colorful bag!!