LONDON – fashion week aw 11, bonus 2

Many more LFW photos on my Visual DIary.

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  1. ultra disco says:

    great great looks!

  2. Jessie says:

    love the bow and the white fur. so luscious!

  3. jada and jon says:

    pretty pretty ladies. love the style.

    if you ever need vintage clothing come check us out!


  4. Nicoletta says:

    all these ladies are so elegant!

  5. Davidikus says:

    Nice styles, v overthetop! What we have come to expect of you.

  6. Karobaro says:

    Beautiful people!

  7. Annushka says:

    Very beautiful looks:)

  8. 1915 says:

    looove their style! specially the last picture! soooo elegant!

    1915 xavier del cerro vintage

  9. Jane says:

    Wow, I love these fashions, I wish I looked as good as these ladies. Maybe after I go on my fruit diet I will, and I’ll be able to sport the latest fashions.

  10. Rachel Lynne says:

    love that bow in the third shot! so fun, and her jumble of patterns is inspiring, i wish i could pull off that look!


    Rachel Lynne

  11. says:

    INSANELY gorgeous! I met Charlotte Olympia in Paris last year- she’s so sweet!

  12. analee says:

    Different style so much perfect for their different faces.. Great…

  13. Alina says:

    The first girl is a dream! and her blog… amazing.
    Great set.

  14. DizzyTea says:

    The last one is SO classy, but I am not a fan of peep toes with stockings. It would look more classy without the stockings, other than that. I am in love! Her figure is charming.


  15. Cool pics!!

    xo thefashionguitar

  16. i like the red show lady and bow on head lady, he smile is so infectious

  17. Wooow very Beautifull pictures. I love them! The background is great. The colours vibrant amazing. Very Very Very wonderful.

  18. ANNA says:

    I am loving every girl’s outfit for their individual style! It’s unique! J’adore!

    xx A

  19. The last fashion pic…very avant garde without being imposing, overpowering or too strange. I like!

  20. Anonymous says:

    what is the name of the first girl´s blog? curious!!!

  21. Love, Love, Love!! For all those that liked the bow, you can get further info by following @asaradee on twitter or by liking Asara Dee on Facebook or Thank U xx

  22. Beautiful makeup and hair on first pic. Great colour contrast with the vibrant blue jumper and neutral belt. Inspiring.

    Elisa @

  23. rachel kibbe says:

    Oh that last look…just confirms why I may never be able to NOT like fur!!