March 22: London
March 23: Manchester
March 24: London
March 25-27: Kiev Fashion Days
March 28-20: London
March 31- April 3: Reykjavik Fashion Festival

Cape Town, March 2011

The Visual Diary of my 1st day in Cape Town is up on yvanrodic.com.

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  1. Vinda Sonata says:

    she’s a gorgeous woman
    the shade looks very good on her skin !

  2. I hope you won’t get disappointed with what you see in Ukraine :)


  3. Veronica says:

    We expect you to Hungary!

  4. enjoy it! (:


  5. nikki says:

    Hi Yvan

    Where abouts in Manchester will you be? xx

  6. Come to Newcastle Fashion Week – in the North East of England!! It’s the 14th to the 21st of May.
    It may not be Paris or London but it will be unique and a new experience, it would be amazing to have you there –

  7. Jessie says:

    that color looks incredible on her. love that look.


  8. Anet says:

    I’m from ukraine.
    so glad to see my country in your blog)


  9. Vasilieva says:

    adore this yellow dress, absolutely fab shot


  10. Next-Trend says:

    have nice trips :)

  11. blue roses says:

    such a stunning burst of lemon yellow! i woke up to snow and slush this morning, so i am definitely coveting the sun.


  12. Mariya says:

    i’m so excited to see pictures from kiev, ukraine! i was born there (but now live in seattle)..I went back to kiev two years ago, and boy do they have some stylish ladies! they are all very fashionable, and the city is so pretty. Have fun!

  13. analee says:

    unique face, love her smile

  14. Nolita says:

    Would love to wear a yellow tiny top, have to wait a little more and the summer is here!

    —-Nolita Vintage Facebook—

  15. achmea says:

    You’re visiting our city 25-27?.. Wow, great! Wish I could meet you on the street :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have your book and 2 others and it seems noone ever comes to Portugal!!! Please be the first??? The Portuguese are VERY stylish people ;o)

  17. that color looks incredible on her. love that look.