CAPE TOWN – green point & long street, 03/18/11

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  1. Vinda Sonata says:

    hands down for the first girl. she has great style !

  2. it's so pink says:

    the striped shorts are unbelievably amazing!!

  3. Catherine says:

    Omy – they all look amazing!

  4. love those stripey shorts + wind in the hair.

    january, x

  5. Wild Flower says:

    Wow its kinda cool seeing a dude wearing a high a bull fighters costume. The last girl has some bangin hair!

  6. Christina says:

    I looooove the first outfit – amazing!

  7. sansetoiles says:

    Want I like about your way of capturing streetstyle, is how you show people who they really are. Not extremely posed, which makes it looks fake but showing a bit of their personality in the photo. Keep up the good work.

    love from holland

  8. g.ta says:


  9. amazing mix…
    very varied fashionistas in cape town… love…


  10. Alice Toich says:

    i like the second last one!
    nice pants

  11. Katrin says:

    I love the striped skirt/shorts(?) on the last pic.Looks great!

  12. Jessie says:

    the man’s pants are gooorgeous! i love the looks you have been showing from cape town. i bet it’s an amazing place.

  13. 1915 says:

    really like this three outfits!
    from the first one I like the trasparent blouse. Also like the shorts in the last picture!

  14. Beatrice B. says:

    the black and white shorts are super cute!

  15. Not many dudes can pull off pants like that… nice catch!


  16. bani online says:

    Wow! The pictures are extremly hot! I like your style!

  17. anna bu says:

    ah alice! she’s the sweetest girl!


  18. OliviaJoy says:

    waaah i want those blue+white striped shorts!

  19. Davidikus says:

    The trousers of they guys caught my eyes. You need to be very manly to pull this off. It’s what very akin to what a blonde Scandinavian student would wear on her first days in Paris. I’ll try to procure some & see whether I would look ridiculous with them… or not.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Really Gorgeous! Awesome pics from that lady.

  21. cams says:

    They are really gorgeous especially the guy with having long hair. And I liked for the one having the striped shorts. She is so cool. live for sex with cams
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  22. Jin says:

    Love the striped shorts. Getting into spring is just amazing.

    A red medicine for fashion from Hong Kong

  23. says:

    The last one, beautiful !

  24. Love the guy in blue pants. Super cool. xxx

  25. analee says:

    the first girl is very pretty.. she is lovely.

  26. Emily says:

    can’t wait to see the visual diary, I’ve always wanted to visit Cape Town. Seems like a cool place.

  27. Selinas says:

    beautiful girl ! then…this guy…his pants are wow!!

  28. Love the bold necklace on the sheer blouse :)

  29. Love those striped shorts…

  30. Bojan says:

    great wind machine :) love the last picture!

  31. achmea says:

    They are so beautiful!

  32. Shazzy says:

    Does anyone know where to get pants like the guy’s ones?

  33. Anonymous says:

    long time follower of this blog. first time commenter. the girl in the black made me do it. BABE.TOWN