CAPE TOWN – delaire graff estate, bisuit mill, mzoli’s & railway station, 03/19-21/11

More Cape Town beauty on my Visual Diary.

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  1. Scha says:

    one of the three girls.. just like Rihanna!!!

    so nice~

  2. I love the way this blog show beautiful pictures of style and humans. The pictures are very good!

  3. Beatrice B. says:

    so cute the long pony tale <3 the outfit, too.

  4. Davidikus says:

    Some great colours here, even in the last picture which, sadly, reminds us that Aids / HIV is still v present in Africa.
    I hope the visibility that the person is getting from their orange tee-shirt is chosen & shows that there is more acceptance for HIV positives people; I really hope this tee-shirt is not a discrimination imposed on them. That would be worse than awful.

  5. Jessie says:

    these picures of cape town are so culturally gorgeous. the colors are amazing.

  6. Pati Costa says:

    I really love this pictures!!

  7. *sunday* says:

    i would love to visit -looks amazing

  8. it’s been a year i join your blog and wanna thank you for those picture, it’s inspired my fashion style and about the people around the globe..
    facehunter always amazed me *wink*

  9. Great light, great models, I wish i could find a project to work together with you!
    All the best to you


  10. @Davidikus re HIV t-shirt.

    HIV/AIDS is a reality in South Africa, and a continuing struggling issue. His t-shirt is to create awareness, and does not necessarily refer to his status. He is wearing it to show how prevalent this disease is in our country.

  11. We’ve just fell in love with your blog! We follow u!

  12. Prutha says:

    love these images

  13. Lucia says:

    i need that necklace! anyone knows the brand?