SAO PAULO – fashion week inverno 11, day 4, 01/31/11

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  1. The first two belts are great. On the second the “pieds de poule” dress is nie under a green classique jumper, and i love the 60’s spirit of the last dress

  2. Vinda Sonata says:

    as always, the first girl has the best style
    love her belt and the lace details of her dress !

  3. Dani Abdalla says:

    I’ll be there today (at Lino Villaventura) and tomorrow (at Gloria Coelho and Andre Lima) xxx

  4. Kira Lilly says:

    that belt in the first outfit is incredible!

    my fashion blog Kira Lilly

  5. Love the belt on the girl in pic one and two!!

    xo thefashionguitar

  6. Portland seo says:

    I like last one its aewsome latest style clothes.Very attractive.

  7. amalie says:

    love the first girls outfit!

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. says:

    The second girl is just simply beautiful !!! Et le portrait en gros plan est très beau aussi.

  10. Dani Abdalla says:

    Helo Gomes!!!!!!!!!!! Love her

  11. Mark Thuesen says:

    the second girl looks incredible!

    mark thuesen

  12. Panda says:

    The first girl have a really minimalist style, amost pur way to dress her with some clever details. It’s amazing!