NEW YORK – fashion week aw 11, day 4, 02/13/11

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  1. Stylison says:

    love the first outfit! it is stunning!


  2. the first girl looks amazing!!! Love everything anout her :D

  3. I like all of them, each of them is so different and unique in its own way :)

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  4. the sheerness skirt against those white shoes look sic!! diggin it!

  5. Wida says:

    They all look cute!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  6. amazing!

    lovely pics!

    diferent people diferent looks diferent presonalities!

  7. I love the wool coat with leather arms from the first photo!! I think it’s gonna be a new trend…


  8. Sandy says:

    Love the first look. Full of personality.

  9. Fatih Gokmen says:

    nice shot,nice smile

  10. analee says:

    I like all the pic but the one catches my attention is the shoes of the girl in the first pic… maybe its too heavy.

    Great post!

  11. Really very amazing photos, I like your leather coats and your dressing styles.

  12. says:

    La nana sur la dernière photo est géniale.

  13. Blog Mode says:

    I love the first outfit <3
    Her necklace are fabulous :D

  14. Lucíe says:

    I love the first outfit, is fabulous!


  15. cool pics :)
    I love the first

  16. Mr. Peter says:


    Lovely people

  17. On the last pic it is great to mix a funky sweat with hood with a classic fur coat. About the first pic, i see the Jeffrey Campbell shoes everywhere

  18. Anonymous says:

    first image is a veda coat

  19. Anonymous says:

    another blanco bandit snatching african artifacts. no thanx. takke more pic of the beautiful blk people inspiring the entire world. yuhsimi!

  20. Love how the girl in the last photo gives the fur jacket a brilliant modern twist by pairing it with the technicolour hoodie–great style!

  21. PR says:

    first girl!!!!!!very nice
    made in russia

  22. Fascinating collection. The choice of style was so prefect. I wish I could witness that presentation then.

  23. I like the way she combine her wardrobe. A truly fashion lover! I wish I could witness a live fashion show.

  24. Anonymous says:

    sweatshirt/hoodie is hot, makes the outfit rockin.