NEW YORK – fashion week aw 11, day 1, 02/10/11

More NYFW atmosphere on my visual diary.

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  1. Julia says:

    Very nice outfits !

  2. Kacrates says:

    Omg yes. I love the girl in the first photo’s shorts! winter shorts are the best.

  3. The girl in the first picture, ADORABLE!!! And the colour of the sky is astonishing!Nice pics as always! ;)

  4. Photo No.3– Amazing perspective! LOVE the hood/scarf in photo No. 1…

  5. anniewear says:

    I love the scarf/hood (I have a “scoody” like that myself). its a must have in my closet. so comfy and interesting for every look.

    X, Annie

  6. D.Clark says:

    gimmie gimmie the hoodie whatsit in the first image

  7. very stylish girls…
    lovin most the style on the first girl…


  8. ttv says:

    The lady on the last photo looks so fabulous. I love her cute smile.

  9. SCW says:

    love all of these outfits, especially intrigued by that hoodscarf!

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  10. I love the 1st photo. Very cool and clean.

    Nice shot.

  11. Jo says:

    Love the first shot – she is gorgeous! x

  12. analee says:

    Wow! very stylist..

  13. Incredible Looks, Amazing pictures…As usual!
    Great continuation!
    Kiss from France

  14. E... says:

    I lvoe the coat of the man and his shirt too, amazing color mix!

  15. I love the large hats in photo 4 and 5… gotta get one!

  16. adele says:

    coool photos! i love the first one! <3


  17. Yimiso says:

    first shot, hood/scarf where is it???