LONDON – fashion week aw 11, bonus

See more of my London Fashion Week portraits on Full Frontal Fashion.

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  1. diane says:

    The first girl’s color palette blows me away, perfection! The last girl’s outfit leaves me speechless.

  2. . says:

    oh, i love the shoes at the first pic!

  3. Edelweiss says:

    really love the last…she’s so glamurous

  4. Lucas says:

    Hej på dig! Jag undrar om du skulle vilja göra en ska för mig. Jag är en kille från ön Åland som ligger mellan Finland och Sverige. Det är inte lätt att bli igenkänd om man kommer härifrån. Synd men sant. Skulle du vilja tipsa om min blogg på din blogg? Du kanske inte tipsar om bloggar som du inte läser men om du skulle vilja göra ett undantag. Såklart så skulle du få något som tack!

    Du får antagligen massor med såna här mail varje dag men jag tänkte att jag skulle försöka.
    Folk på Åland tycker det bara är löjligt om man bloggar och försöker bli något genom bloggning.

    Det skulle vara underbart av dig. Tack på förhand!

    Lucas Gustavsson

  5. the46thdress says:

    That scarf is mental! Totally show stopping, I love it! :) xoxo Abby

  6. Anonymous says:

    First photo AMAZING! AND THAT MANS COLORFUL SCARFT IS INSANELY AMAZING! The last two girls are trying way too hard! But at least the last girl has some charm. The one before her looks like a small child wearing ego. Your job is awesome!

  7. kate says:

    Ahhhh that rainbow scarf is fantastic. instant smile to my face when I saw it.

  8. Kacrates says:

    that dude in the second photo’s hat is fab.

  9. The bottom picture in this blog I just love. I would call the look, “Retro Hollywood!”

    – David

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  10. Maryse says:

    Great outfits, love it!

  11. Thank you for this bonus! Are you in Milan?

  12. Laurita P says:

    love the color palette in the 1st photo, so gorgeous.

  13. Annushka says:

    Delightful transmission of sights of people, you the hunter of tremendous shots!!!

  14. Snappy says:

    I think the colorful knitted scarf is my favorite. Such a diversity of personal style from everyone.
    snappy x

  15. Carrie says:

    Guy in the hat looks great. I also liek the girl in the skirt, VV Brown?

  16. great pics. loving the sporadic splashes of color.

  17. Natalie says:

    beautiful colours in the first photo

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’d be very impressed if that huge rainbow scarf or whatever, was made by the guy wearing it.

  19. Swanny says:

    love the colours in the first outfit!!! very well put together…

  20. itsMe says:

    the black dude is nr1!!

    pretty much NY ;P luv it

    male model blogging:

  21. Sophistafunk says:

    Wow. The first gal’s color combination is out of this world.