Jan. 9-10: London
Jan. 11-14: Rio de Janeiro (Fashion Rio)
Jan. 16-17: Oslo
From the 14th to the 16th, I’ll be exhibiting a selection of my visual diary photos at Fotomessen 2011. I’ll give as well a talk about my photographic experiences on Sunday the 16th at 1.30PM. Address: Norges Varemesse, Lillestrøm
Jan. 18-19: London
Jan. 21-26: I’ll be shooting photos for Sundance Channel and Full Frontal Fashion out at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.
Jan. 28-Feb.1: São Paulo Fashion Week
From Feb. 2: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Beijing, January 2011

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  1. merve says:

    love your blog !

  2. ttv says:

    That’s cool and nice art by the Chinese people in Beijing.

  3. Sara says:

    Love your blog :)

    Kiss from Portugal,

  4. MACHRAME says:

    I like your blog! congrats^^

  5. Hope that u love china n Hong Kong!
    Yueminjun is so famous~

  6. Davidikus says:

    Fashion Rio looks very promising. As always!

  7. liiitza says:

    Cool! Will you be coming to Stockholm too? :D

  8. oooh this is in Vancouver too! They’re so lovely.