TAIPEI – ivy, joanne & tequila, shih chien university, 12/25/10

The blog is celebrating today its 5th anniversary.
I can’t believe it.
A book, a visual diary, a web TV show (A NY episode will be up in a few weeks and more to come), several collaborations with big brands and all these incredible travels… from a ‘little streetstyle blog’, Facehunter has evolved into a multi-platforms exploration of contemporary culture!
Thanks everyone from around the world to support the blog for months and years!
I’ll have a myriad of new projects, adventures, videos and photos to share with you in 2011. Stay tuned.
I wish you wonderful year.

PS – You can already see on my visual diary the photos of the 3 first stops of my Asian Tour:
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. M.S.J. says:

    Very cool outfits and pictures too! Happy new year!

  2. The first outfit is just stunning. So effortless and cool! :)

  3. 154 says:

    Love the jacket in the first photo!

  4. heylila says:

    the first girl is so pretty!
    Happy New Year!


  5. Stylison says:

    heart the girl’s blazer in the first photo! I want too!


  6. Kacrates says:

    I loved the leather shoulder.

    And I also love the stockings in the last girl.

  7. TerraSelisa says:

    LOVE the jacket in the first picture! Happy new year and congratulations with your blog, Yvan. Always look (and read) with pleasure :)

  8. patlost says:

    nice photo
    Happy New Year and I invite you to visit my blog:


  9. Nancie Mwai says:

    the first outfit her jacket is crazy hot
    Happy New Year

  10. pink tribal tribal tights make me so happy

  11. thwany says:

    congrats on all your success. 5 years is an inspiring milestone.

  12. Bojan says:

    congratulations! keep it up!

  13. Happy new year Yvan, i am looking forward to discover your new projects for 2011. The shoulder of the first look are just perfect <3

  14. Happy New Year.

    I adore the hunt for great beauty and style!

  15. guccilily says:

    the top jacket is sooo cool! thankyou


  16. Davidikus says:

    Nice pictures. It makes me think that 2010 may be remembered as the year that Christian Lacroix’s house went bust & the beiges of Chloe, Céline etc. became important… Sad, no?

  17. i love the wedges in the last pic!xox

  18. Congratulations Yvan.
    It’s everyone’s dream who runs a blog, so live it well.

    La Mode Outré, Singapore

  19. C. says:

    happy birthday ! :D

  20. Emmanuelle says:

    Joyeux anniversaire à ton blog, et bonne année !
    J’ai hâte de voir ce que tu nous concoctes pour 2011…

  21. nice outfits that really a big matter to the girl to see her prettiness.

  22. That leather and tan coat is killer. Seriously half rocker and half chic can I please find one and steal it for myself. It’s obsessively hot.

  23. The Blondiii says:

    I love this very cool first outfit! and a happy new year of course!

  24. achmea says:

    Oh, wish I have those tights…

  25. i love your post about singapore! lived there for 10 years and miss it so much :(

    Happy New Year!

  26. AP23 says:

    the girl in the first picture looks perfect to me!
    ♥ ♥ ♥


  27. tackydidaxie says:

    the first photo – jacket is amazing.

    congratulations and happy birthday.

  28. Poster Girl says:

    Congratulations Yvan! You are still one of my favorite bloggers after. I’m coming up on my 4-year anniversary, how time flies! Can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store. Best wishes!

  29. june says:

    Formidables photos de vrai gens inspirés de mode j’adore.