SAO PAULO – maria eugenia, thassia & paola, fashion week inverno 11, 01/29-30/11

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  1. Kira Lilly says:

    love the black lace look, so cool!

    my fashion blog Kira Lilly

  2. kate says:

    I love that bag. Very cool.

  3. E... says:

    I lvoe the lace ;) it’s so cool :D

  4. Vinda Sonata says:

    the first girl is amazin !
    how daring. she carries a certain mystique with her !

  5. Davidikus says:

    I sense an obsession with McQueen & Hirst! the white building looks fab, though.

  6. Love the black outfit!

    xo thefashionguitar

  7. inga says:

    love the headskull belt!

  8. I like the girl with the pink shirt !

  9. Marta ∞ says:

    adoro o blog! vem dar uma espreitadela no meu :p

  10. I would like the first bag as a necklace haha

  11. herCatwalk says:

    I love the first look! The bag reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I love!

  12. The transparent lace (or guipure) first dress is amazing. I also love the flashy and shiny pink shirt.

  13. Kali says:

    Actually her name is THASSIA, not THAISSA.

  14. teste says:

    Thassia Lindaa

  15. 3andahalf says:

    that skull belt is insane…and i need one!

  16. it seems that see-through clothes are quite popular in brazil, = )


  17. Skull belt! Why don’t I have one?

  18. The golden belt of the skull is Shopaholic Store, enjoy:

    O cinto dourado de caveira é da Shopaholic Store, aproveitem:

  19. Jack Daniel says:

    They don’t look very Brasilian…but they do look cool.

    Daniel’s Graphic Life

  20. Mode says:

    wow, it looks so great!