RIO DE JANEIRO – rhaissa, raquel & joana, fashion rio, 01/11-13/11

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  1. Love that envelope bag on the last pic!

  2. i’m totally in love with the first dress…

  3. Love the dress in the first pic! And her legs are amazingly long.. wow!

    XO thefashionguitar

  4. genial!!! j’adore qu’on puisse visiter plein de pays avec toi!!!

  5. my favorite girl is joana !

  6. iOliW says:

    Beautiful 1st pic and dress is lovley.

  7. E... says:

    I lvoe the prints and the geoemtries that they developed!!

  8. Larissa says:

    Oh I love the last outfit! Great one!

  9. Chloë says:

    Great outfits! I love the summery vibe, gets me really excited for SS11!


  10. i love the last pic, i love that oversized clutch its amazing

  11. Francesca says:

    that first girl’s dress is amazing


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  12. Jasmin says:

    the first girl’s body makes me jealous!

  13. Hayley says:

    I love the pattern and shapes of the first dress!!

  14. I love the first dress. I would love it more if it were paneled with Leather. How hot would that be?

  15. Dandara says:

    raquel é como uma mãe

  16. UnaBb says:

    I reaally like these photos)
    great quality

  17. People look really happy in Rio, we should smile more in Paris!

  18. Do these people just pose for you? What do you say to them when you want to take their pic?

  19. MB says:

    Noone said something about the 2nd. picture yet: It’s pure happyness and so much adorable! I love it and the texture is so rich :)

  20. love the last outfit! the White blazer and lace body suit. Perfection.

  21. ~PakKaramu~ says:

    Pak Karamu visiting your blog

  22. The first look his incredible !

  23. Gismorama says:

    The bag at the last picture is amazing :)

  24. clara stella says:

    i really like all the outfits put together in one post as they fit well in a way

  25. Anonymous says:

    love the last pic and the building in the background!