PARK CITY – miranda, alyssa & elvis, sundance film festival, 01/22/11

More photos of my Sundance adventures on Check out these slide shows:
trip to Park City
Friday Festival Faces
Bing Bar on Friday night
Saturday Festival Faces

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  1. The hood on the coat in the second image is fantastic!!


  2. Stylison says:

    love the coat with printed snow spots.
    that c0at is seriously adorable!


  3. Denitsa says:

    the second photo !!!

  4. Lori Andrews says:

    Alyssa! she is a star

  5. OH MY, isn’t it Miranda July ? the artist/film maker ?

    i’m so in love with her movie “me and you and everyone we know” ! you’re so lucky to have met her !

  6. I love Miranda July SO MUCH, she’s a brilliant filmmaker and writer and artist and as it turns out, also a pretty great dresser!

  7. Kira Lilly says:

    love the glasses necklace in the first photo

  8. love miranda’s glasses & shirt !

  9. ramona west says:

    LOVE miranda july and here entire look here. and the hooded coat is epic.

  10. CMorr says:

    i love Miranda July in this photo! You really capture her awkward quirkiness perfectly!

  11. joelle says:

    Wow! Miranda July is such a beautiful inspiration!

  12. amyC says:

    ❥❥❥❥ The glasses on the first lady. Kooky cool.

  13. Love glasses necklace and printed dress on first picture:D

  14. Davidikus says:

    The first and last pictures are wonderfully retro. They make me think of charity shops! The second look is very modern very 2011. I like it too.

  15. d. says:

    the third person seems to be very friendly…
    love the first one!

  16. Love their clothes and I love all your pictures.. <3

  17. E... says:

    Very funny, mysterious and shining pics, love them!

  18. Wow, love the snow !

    xxxx Gucci

  19. julie says:

    love the coat, and lanscape :-) my blog :

  20. HeelFly says:

    the first glasses are amazing!!

    xoxo FF

  21. the yellow tee shirt with the leopard print is great !

  22. Anton Seim says:

    Miranda July! Love her. She’s looking lovely as ever.


  24. The lovely Alyssa, and that marvelous coat.

    great shots & what a wonderful snowy day!