MANILA – andre, laureen & liz, china town & 168 shopping mall / book signing, 12/28-29/10

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  1. Kim says:

    Wonderful photo’s. They really capture the vibe of the world these stylish people live in.
    Love it.

  2. clarycelowe says:

    Honestly love every photograph, especially lady in the turquoise dress amoungst the children, something beautiful about the contrast of subject.

  3. Vinda Sonata says:

    the girl in green is so pretty. she’s just like the refined version of liu wen!

  4. lovejaney says:

    that necklace is UNREAL!!!

  5. Shelly C. says:

    These people have great style! That necklace and the high heels are crazy..but I like that! :)


  6. Melai says:

    In the philippines, realistically speaking, it’s very difficult (or even rare, or not advised, or simply put, not safe) to walk by china town or divisoria wearing super fashionable clothes. This is one of the special cases. I’m pretty sure you guys got a lot of looks from the people there.

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. rouli says:

    love the boots:)


  8. weeee…I want the necklace on the first pics!!!

  9. FH says:

    I love his hair in the first photo :)

    Happy New year !!


  10. Bub says:

    Yay its Andre!!!! Lovely photos, I am a huge fan!!!!

    One Love,

  11. adele says:

    ohhh, the sisters: laureen && liz! AMAZING PHOTOS, btw.
    seeing a part of our country in your own POV is very awesome! ;) did you have a lot of fun, yvan? hope u did! :D


  12. adele says:



  13. Ice Vergara says:

    Not advisable to wear those shoes while walking around chinatown. Liz’s whole ensemble and the perfect moment you took the shot was amazing.

  14. will you propose to that boy in the first photo for me? thanks.

  15. RX-SZ says:

    Outfit on the second to the last picture, fabulous!

  16. Annushka says:

    Your blog is amazing, i love every single post!

  17. Ingrid says:

    the shot of liz is kind of peotically beautiful, yvan.

    you captured a bit of manila in the backgrounds as well ;)


  18. Angga says:

    REally loving the necklace and the green maxi dress!! Great photos

  19. Last photo is great! :-)

  20. Oooh I love those shoes! These are fantastic photos!


  21. patlost says:

    amazing!!! I invite you to visit my blog:
    and happy new year!!!!


  22. xx says:

    why do you always have to remind me that there are so many people cooler than me out there? Anyways love your blog. Wanna follow each other?

  23. Miss Donata says:

    hands down to the Uy sisters for walking around China town in all their faboulosity!!! great photos!!! =)))

  24. WOW! Such creative outfits. Love when people take risks. :)

  25. Miss Molly says:

    oh my golly.. i just can’t deal! these are fabulous!

    when are you coming to South Africa?

  26. Mika says:

    these photos are magnificent! liz uy is simply enchanting! though you might not make it out alive divisoria (the area where 168 mall is located) if you went there looking like that on a normal day…

  27. wouuuaaahh Hong Kong people have a real taste for fashion <3

  28. Great photo of Liz :)

    Kudos for those girls for walking around Chinatown with those shoes!!

    I hope you were able to enjoy the nicer parts of Manila too :)

  29. I like the greenish dress (second from the end).
    Ciao Daniela

  30. that guy and his metal necklace are stunning!

  31. Love, love, love the photo of Liz! lovely shoes!

  32. Anonymous says:

    nice clothes but, unfortunately, none of those children pictured in the background will earn as much in their lifetime as any of what those shoes costs. the philippines is a beautiful country. why would you choose to showcase these expensive clothes amid poverty?

    tsk tsk

  33. Ulla-Marie says:

    I really like the green dress.

  34. amazing photos…great details

  35. Anonymous says:

    doesn’t really capture manila’s true streetstyle…the outfits look TOOOOO CONTRIVED…i’m sorry but this ain’t streetstyle quality it’s more editiorial…

  36. Eli says:

    Aside from looking too contrived, it’s quite funny observing the juxtaposition of their gaudy pieces of clothing, from the ill-fitting & improbable platforms to the girl in the kitschy green dress, with the impoverished background images. Undeniably, there is disparity. Very scripted..

  37. Anonymous says:

    How very insensitive to capture such grandiose items worn by those people in the shanties and poverty stricken town in MNL. Very socially irresponsible of them to take you there. I’m not blaming you, Yvan. I just wish those elite from MNL were not so socially insensitive to those people who are dying because they have no food to eat. I am completely turned off by such arrogance of those Filipino people. I thought they were more empathetic.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Lovely photos!! I say the photos give a nice, refreshing look at Manila style. <3

  39. derek says:

    that guy wears that necklace so well!

  40. Laureen Uy says:

    Thanks for the wonderful feature! Manila misses you! xx

  41. Tina says:

    Wow, Liz Uy in green outfit. She looks so fab and gorgeous.. well, what can i say but simply Viva Pinay!!

  42. MarlaP says:

    Interesting juxtaposition but the platform shoes of that girl dont fit her at all. So that’s the only photo that doesn’t work for me. Overall wonderful

  43. Liz Uy looks so pretty in her ensemble. I love her style as always. Thanks Facehunter for visiting the Philippines and for featuring these awesome people! :D

  44. Anonymous says:

    *CRINGE* wearing that in chinatown around here is not street at all! it’s freeakin editorial *LOL*

  45. that zipper neck piece and those white shoes are perfection!

  46. Anonymous says:

    while I love what they’re wearing, it’s not really representative of the place that they’re in. I feel like they just thought “Oh! let’s go to the seedy side of Manila!” just so that they’d look cool and different. their outfits are too impractical and too pretentious for Binondo aka Manila’s Chinatown

  47. Chelly says:

    I ♥ Liz and Laureen Uy.
    I ♥ Yvan!

    Saw u guys on
    Had so much fun looking at the photos.. ☺

  48. Anonymous says:

    Very ironic! The women you featured belongs to the Phippine social scene.. I doubt if they have been to 168 mall before you came…

  49. Anonymous says:

    liz’s picture looks staged, and of course it is.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to say that it is so unrealistic by seeing people wearing those clothes in Chinatown Manila. It does not reflect the street and simply the living of people there. It is just for show and nothing special. Could have capture in other places in Manila, but definitely not in Chinatown.
    It only elicit strange stares ..what has those fashion dress to do with Chinatown????

  51. Anonymous says:

    Nice shots but in the wrong place