COPENHAGEN – unpublished pictures of fashion week SS11, 08/12-14/10

Photos of my visit to Taipei on my visual diary.

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  1. Loving the 1st outfit! I think it’s very unique but has a classic feel at the same time :)
    fashion illustrations: 

  2. Anonymous says:

    first one would look perfect if it wasn’t for those socks… :S

  3. Anonymous says:

    miu miu socks?

  4. Lovely shoes the guy is wearing!! So S/S11…

    XO thefashionguitar

  5. FH says:

    Love the first photo, I love his style!!

  6. NEDA says:

    I never could’ve possibly imagined that socks would be the instant focal point of an outift; Miu Miu has proven me wrong. Or maybe its because I’ve just been too chronically obsessed with their cartoon prints…X Neda X

  7. I love 1st outfit! this guy must be crazy!

  8. Fede says:

    wow! sooo “chic”. Stylish people, rocks!!!

  9. What’s not to like here!!

    Lovely :D

  10. Love the second look ! especially her umbrella and her shoes !

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t get over how fierce this guy looks in fur! Very daring, but so worth the result. Fabulous!
    VPV Intern

  12. love the socks in the last outfit. great shots !

  13. AP23 says:

    last one looks so cute!
    ♥ ♥ ♥


  14. Kacrates says:

    these photos just remind me of how much fashion could be fun and you do not have to match.

  15. Cecylia says:

    That lace capelet is adorable!!

  16. Alexandra says:

    The guy’s faux fur is amazing , and he’;s got quite some nerve to wear it. In Romania,if you,as a guy,wear something like that, you get all the nasty tags you can imagine. And I like her outfit too, especially the sandals.

    alexandra @

  17. laurasj says:

    love their styles. love your blog.

    // laura,

  18. The second look is so inspiring

  19. Vasilieva says:

    loving that fur trim, totally unexpected and so chic

  20. You have to love Europe because the people there seem so much more brave to wear what they want.

  21. Ulla-Marie says:

    happy that he dare to dress like that – AND it’s beutiful.

  22. Gina says:

    Thanks..! My socks on the last photo are not Miu Miu, they are from the high-street shop Gina Tricot :-)


  23. Chotronette says:

    the last outfit comes from a farytale…it’s like mary poppins meets lolita . tres kinky and stylish

  24. the last pic is amazing. i love those socks with those heels, its really cute