BEIJING – mega mengmeng, national centre for the performing arts, 01/03/11

The photos of Hong Kong are up on my visual diary.

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  1. The outfit is Absolute perfection! What a beautiful girl…

  2. beautiful! she looks so whimsical in a good way :D

    fashion illustrations: 

  3. what’s that?a croset or a tee?anyway i love it!

  4. Ulla-Marie says:

    Beytiful … and almost unreal …

  5. heylila says:

    oooh I like that outfit so so much!!!
    great inspiration!


  6. Geometric and sexy outfit <3

  7. Nora says:

    wirklich tolle bilder! :)

  8. Vinda Sonata says:

    she’s such a beauty. i love her hair and the outfit. she deserves the exposure !

  9. Sarah says:

    Amazing look I love it!

  10. Davidikus says:

    That is quite some layering! I know this sort of silhouette is rather popular these days. I am not completely convinced. It works well with skinny girls (it prevents them from looking anorexic by “fleshing them out”) but I am not sure how it works on average-bodied people…

  11. Eunice says:

    It’s really great to finally see some diversity on this site. I appreciate seeing all the tall, slim blond and brunette girls around the world with their impeccable fashion sense everyday, but that gets to be a little boring over time. It’s great to see a break in the monotony. Thanks for finally showing more of the world.

  12. xhulja says:

    I love your site! very inspiring.

    please feel free to visit my blog if you like

  13. Kacrates says:

    beautiful bella! :)

    The outfit has left me out of words. I love the combo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    whoa epic outfit! love the shoes and band bustier..

  15. I like the top. It really ads curves and enhances the physique.

  16. it’s been said, but indeed a perfect outfit. unique without having to try. I think it’s the attitude and the genuine smile.


  17. What a beautiful and unique outfit! I love the layering and shapes. The girl is beautiful, too!

  18. Adri M. says:

    Just so gracefully pretty !!! I love it !!

    Adri M.

  19. Annushka says:

    Lovely Details…!!! Best:)

  20. Dai Freitas says:

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  21. stylites says:

    Ah yes, the beautiful Da Mengmeng. Here she is on stylites:

    It’s too bad that I missed your visit to Beijing. I hope you enjoyed the city and did not freeze your balls off, as they say.

  22. nina says:

    Oh you were in should come to Shanghai too!
    Supercool people!
    Check out my blog