TAIPEI – lagi & aching, shih chien university / melody, zhongshan district, 12/25/10

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  1. achmea says:

    First girl looks very beautiful with this thing on her head. Like a Madonna.

  2. Teeyah. says:

    Last girl is so pretty :) Can’t wait to see Manila posts here in this blog!

  3. Just waiting for your book to arrive,i purchased it yesterday :)
    Great pictures as always x
    All the best for 2011!

  4. FH says:

    I love the third girl !! I love her style !!


  5. snappy says:

    I like how it all seems she put it together effortlessly, like almost without too much thought. Very snappy.
    snappy x

  6. heylila says:

    wow these styles are so different of what you normally see…


  7. the outfit of the last girl is beautiful! (:

  8. Jess says:

    The first look is realy extraordinary, very cool!

  9. Stylison says:

    stunning !
    they are truly trendsetters


  10. i love the first picture :)

  11. the second look is pure vintage charm

  12. Miss Molly says:

    awesome snaps.. esp love your HK pics! HK is one of my fav cities

  13. Annushka says:

    I really like your blog , is one of my favorites!!!

  14. Asian women are always so beautiful. Love the pictures you posted. Each has such a unique style!

  15. i totally need to make myself a veil now.

  16. Edelweiss says:

    I love all the pics.
    I have the same skirt as second’s pic and everybody says to me that it is horrible because people around me are so traditionals or something like that. But i love it and now i can say it is in facehunter’s blog so…


  17. Been admiring your nice photos for some time. Just want to say you’re so inspiring – with your book, travelling & collections of photos here and on your visual diary. Its amazing!

  18. Super styles!!

    last one is my favorite!!

  19. Stanley says:

    love the third girl<3
    great style!

  20. Anonymous says:

    welcome to Taiwan!:)

  21. Tina Wang says:

    I thought I entered the wrong blog when I saw this! Cant believe you traveled to my country and snap!
    Thank you! I somehow feel like now Taiwanese style could be seen by fashion lovers all around the world =)
    Hope you’re having a great time in Taiwan!

  22. Angga says:

    WOW!! these girls look awesome especially the one with white shirt and tuxedo!!

  23. WOW! Oh lala no words can express my admiration.

  24. ooohhh~
    i really love the 3rd pic

  25. Kacrates says:

    The first girl with the head scarf. :) Reminds me of the queen Madonna.

  26. thwany says:

    love the girl in the second pic

  27. The scarf on the top model, and the hat on the second model are just beautiful!

    – David

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  28. OMG ! love the second look so much

  29. these are so full of character!

  30. some very fashionable taiwainese…
    style away…

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  32. Megs.Smiles says:

    I really like the jacket