TAIPEI – ho yi, lien en & nin, shih chien university, 12/25/10

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  1. The all black outfit looks awesome. Not too goth, just black.

  2. neat-o, first girl, neat-o

  3. Buky says:

    I want the shoes the 2nd girl is wearing!
    So gorgeous!’

  4. Stylison says:

    love the clutch pouch in the first outfit!its so cute=)


  5. Miss M says:

    love her look in the middle photo.
    love Taipei shopping!

    +Miss M+

  6. Nettie says:

    I like the bag of the first girl. But I dont think my things would fit there. :|

  7. Cecylia says:

    The tasselled earring and the long black shirt dress are gorgeous! You are so good at spotting fashionistas!

  8. Kacrates says:

    all three girls are amazing. <3

  9. The first and last outfits are great

  10. absolutely love the first outfit
    amazing bag…great picsw

  11. Mei-li says:

    I like the earing of the first
    I love the asian people there so stylish !!

  12. I love this blog!!
    the two outfits are amazing!

  13. says:

    Wou ! La première femme est superbe, j’adore les couleurs. Tu cartonnes en photo dans les pays asiatiques je trouve. Bonne fête de fin d’année ce soir ! ;)

  14. lafemme says:

    Love the girl in black…

  15. Amélie says:

    la 1ere fille mais c’est fou tout est incroyable chez elle, à côté mon look me semble tout simple,des collants au sac c’est top quoi!!

  16. i want the tights!in the frist pic!look cool!xoxx

  17. Paula says:

    loving the outfits! do you know, where are the chain from the last picture from? it’s beautiful!

    visit my blog for more winter feeling:

  18. mariana says:

    i love the black outfit!
    where is the shirt from? do you know?

    happy new year ;)

  19. you have an eye for the beauty in detail.


  20. Vasilieva says:

    amazing faces and the looks are so street chic

  21. Her bag’s amazing. Happy new years! x hivennn.

  22. love the first look , just amazing with the jacquard pieces. Love also the leopard coat of the third look, so cute