SYDNEY – leni, surry hills & lara simone, paddington, 12/06-07/10

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  1. jaicroise says:

    Love the idea of the jacket and I really love the shoes of the second photo !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely love the colorful dress! She paired it up so nicely with the jacket and nude wedges. Like!

  3. I LOVE the dress in the 1st outfit! and I miss the sun so much hehe
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  4. I love them both! Really nice pictures :) The blue blazer is amazing :0

  5. Juliett T. says:

    Love the jacket of the first outfit and a combo of colors in both cases;)

  6. uanset says:

    i like the crazy colourfull print on first outfit
    the second girl had a cool idea for a contrast between clothes and shoes

  7. Rich Girls. says:

    leni’s outfit is super super cute!
    from the cut-out blazer, to the bunnies, down to her shoes. x.

  8. Davidikus says:

    Nice pic. My mother dressed exactly like that c.1988! Memories.

  9. César says:

    Oh! Sydney! the honey sity where the New Year is welcome in summer!
    Hope to be there one day!

    Really nice thes shooting!

  10. E... says:

    The first light blue jacket is so Margiela. The cut out sleeves and the “strong-shape” of the jacket is amazing: love it.

  11. foxandgun says:

    I wish I didn’t return that black lace Cue top :( I bought it and then returned it because I thought it made my neck look short

  12. I like the first one. They really play with the shapes and that blue reminds me of Greece so much. Lovely to think about something that is more exotic and warm right now.

  13. new fashion says:

    What a mystical print in the first few photos!

  14. Angga says:

    I love the second girl outfit, the first one for the dress not liking the cut off blazer in her arms

  15. how did you knowwww i love cobalt blue? the first one is so colourful and makes me very jelly.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Love those nude wedges


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  17. cotton says:

    Lara is exquisitely beautiful, I bet she was a joy to photograph Yvan. Simply stunning. There are some people that just take your breath away. I have seen her around the paddington area and out in the cross and she is even more beautiful in the flesh.

  18. Esther says:

    awww you look really pretty with the first outfit! :D XXX

  19. Annushka says:

    Your blog is lovely, super post dear))) I like it!!!

  20. Giovanna ♥ says:

    The first outfit is perfection! Love the bright colors and design.
    Boho Market

  21. Mimi says:

    in love with the blue jacket

  22. luka says:

    wow. that leni is amazing

  23. absolutely love the first outfit

  24. Anonymous says:

    I love your photos, but they are all starting to look the same- with the same long haired girls who wear gimmicky pieces (Cut out sleeves, tasteless tacky prints)- There was a mysticism about your photos a few years ago- Bring that back!

    I say this only because I respect you as a photographer and enjoy your strengths-

  25. Anonymous says:

    hmmm enough girls in “fashiony” outfits, i want more creative, cute, interesting looking girls and BOYS… bring back the old face hunter!

  26. nice body, beautiful faces, great outfits.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I think its cool that you post a lot of the comments, good and back (unlike some other bloggers who totally censor everything). Nice work

  28. Juliette says:

    how pretty is she???
    i love the blue jacket in the fisrt outfit and the shoes of course!

  29. Anonymous says:

    how pretty!
    i absolutely love the jacket in the first outfit and the shoes of course!


  30. laila says:

    she is amazing!! my new style crush. do you know what brand is her jacket?

  31. Annie says:

    really adoreable that first look :)


  32. Jenny says:

    Wauw the blue blazer!
    I’m in loveee! for real. haha, really nice outfit!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone confirm who designs the print dress(under the blue blazer?) I think I’m in love