SINGAPORE – audrey ling, ion / min, red dot traffic building / aiwei & tracy, a curious teepee, 12/16/10

Photos of my little trip to the white sand beaches of Jervis Bay, somewhere in Australia, on my visual diary.

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  1. Cecylia says:

    I love the 3rd girl, her artistic dress is amazing! The ring on the pink clad girls is rad too! Great shots!

    Come see some photos I took of Parisian ladies recently =)

  2. I will never ever understand how the girls manage to dress like they aren’t infact standing in a sauna!

  3. pink dress and artsy dress kick. ass.

  4. Honey says:

    I LOVE your book! I’m just sad that I can’t be in Manila for the book signing. I live in the southern part of the Philippines. Rock on!

  5. Ctrlsave says:

    Hey! I know where that artistic dress came from :)

    kick. ass

  6. loved the first look, clean, graphic and chic

  7. cloudo3 says:

    I miss singapore and love the ring in that last pic!

  8. KC says:

    you can see how creative the third girl is in her outfit.

  9. Jaicroise says:

    Love the the first Two looks.

  10. little t says:

    These girls are TOO cool!

  11. FH says:

    Great pics !!
    Funny style in the 3rd photo !!


  12. Davidikus says:

    So many pretty girls in your pictures. Do I see a trend here?

  13. the girl in pink rocks a sweet rock chick look. love her ring!

    hv a fab time in KL x

  14. says:

    Singapour ? Rha la chance !

  15. E... says:

    I lvoe the first sweater and the printed-transaprence shirt…oh gosh. In then end, sweet end, the nice pink dress….really cute pics!! One o your best post of the last month!

  16. Emy says:

    I love the second and last girls!


  17. LoliTa says:

    LOVE that ring! played off so well by the right pink

  18. Angga says:

    Singaporean always dress so nice!! I miss singapore and living there :-(

  19. miikax3 says:

    lovely! ;)
    follow me!

  20. sandrine says:


  21. Annushka says:

    Great photos!!!
    Very nice LOOKS!!!

  22. Jessie says:

    The last girl is so sweet, her pink dress looks amazing on her!

  23. Viki says:

    I like that dress with lots of patches, so cute.

  24. amyC says:

    pepto pink usually makes me gag, but that girl is AMZngly chic

  25. Monica says:

    Beautiful pictures- especially the short haired caught my eye

  26. thwany says:

    that button down shirt is pure magic

  27. D e n i z says:

    who makes the last girl’s ring??

  28. D e n i z says:

    who makes the last girl’s ring??

  29. Annika says:

    Super cute! I especially like what the last girl is wearing — those boots are adorable!

  30. outfit #2…love love love