MELBOURNE – em ross, fitzroy & ola, cbd, 12/03&05/10

Today, I’m having a little talk and book signing at Ariel Booksellers (42 Oxford St, Sydney) at 7PM.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. Can’t wait till the book signing tonight :)Mahsa from Sydney.

  2. Olivia♥ says:

    Wow the first girl looks so adorable!! I love here whole look. She looks so calm and comfortable, really inspirational!!

  3. Sinem says:

    I like your pics. But it’s so sad because here it’s snowing!

  4. Wish I could be there for the book signing!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    IS A BABE!

  6. Rich Girls. says:

    em ross is so cuuute!
    i love her light shorts and cute little sock with clogs.
    lovely spotting! x.

  7. little t says:

    Lovely photos- killer legs!

  8. love the first pic!
    she has a great sense of style!

  9. Angga says:

    So pretty!! I love asymmetric dress on the last picture.

  10. classiq says:

    beautiful color combination in the 1st outfit

  11. Annushka says:

    Lovely photos, it looks easy and free, transfer mood atmosphere!!!

  12. crazy pig says:

    the first outfit is amazing! Such an original style! <3

  13. yeah
    they are really pretty
    especially blond is
    thanks for sharing

  14. Nicola says:

    gorgeous look and the brown hat is too cure.

    nicola xx

  15. felicité says:

    Damn her for being so gorgeous! Love everything about her outfit as well…nice find!

  16. Alexandra says:

    I love the first pair of sandals and good luck on the book signing.


  17. says:

    The first girl is really cute.

  18. Emily Rajch says:

    beautiful 70s shorts!

    follow my stylist blog:

    Pleaseeee! xx

  19. Anonymous says:

    i find the second girl much more interesting…

  20. E Biz Gurus says:

    wow! you have some great pictures!

  21. Cora says:

    I love that little brown handbag!