SAN FRANCISCO – chantal, nopa, 11/11/10

All my LA photos are up on my visual diary.

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  1. beba says:

    Fly Forest, fly!
    Hah. Cool pic!

    Peace and love!

  2. christina says:

    This is a beautiful shot! I love it so much. Excellent! xxx

  3. Nice shot, though I must say isn’t it cold there? Hell it’s cold in LA. brrr

  4. i just loved ur pic (:

  5. Cecille says:

    great picture!! love the shade!!

  6. ELMO says:

    Rad snap Yvan!! nice outfit

  7. ttv says:

    She’s so gorgeous. I like the way she pose.

  8. Great pic!!! love her outfit and the shadow in the photo!!

  9. FH says:

    The Energy Never Dies
    Love It

  10. Nyrha says:

    Stunning pic! And I love her outfit

  11. E... says:

    I totalli lvoe this pic…so chic!!! ANd the sense of movement is unique!!

  12. Style Souk says:

    I, too, would float away with happiness to own this leopard scarf!

    Sarah x

  13. This is a beautiful picture – she looks as if she really could take flight!

  14. jaicroise says:

    Nice shorts, nice pic too.

  15. amazing shot…you are crazy…she’s fantastic

  16. nice one! leopard and union jack – yeah! love her dramatic pose too, and god that girl has shiny hair and long legs. tory burch shoes not so much but there’s a crack in everything, it’s where the light comes in. innit?

  17. Amalina says:

    That leopard print throw-over…I am in awe.

  18. Emily Ulrich says:

    I’m crushing on those shoes, man!

  19. Ojeje says:

    Nice shots, Yvan!
    Keep up that awesome things!


  20. Saorin says:

    Love it! you have a style very fashion!

  21. blog mode says:

    wow this picture is flawless!

  22. I love everything about this look!!! And I love that she looks so happy!!

  23. says:

    Papillon de jour Papillon de nuit !

  24. awesome picture!
    i love how the fabric and hair is flowing:)

  25. elnz says:

    The best shot ever!!! Looks like you are freely flying…

  26. loveee u yvan…thanks for the visit! miss you already! xo- Chantal

  27. etoilee8 says:

    This is a dancer if I’ve ever seen one. (And if she’s not a dancer, well . . . she should be!) Such a beautiful picture.