NEW YORK – shae, mercer street, 11/04/10

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  1. diane says:

    I love the scalloped detailing on her dress. And paired with that camel coat it’s the perfect duo. Nice to see that you focused so many pics on one subject.

  2. d. says:

    the coat is so chic!

  3. Olivia♥ says:

    her dress is amazing!! I love the detail. And her coat works great with the dress as well. Beautiful picture!!

  4. Alex Ingram says:

    I hope i get captured by face hunter in NYC |

  5. She is quite elegant… Looks like she came from the past!



  6. Cecille says:

    i love her coat

  7. That’s Shae from Everything Style. Love her!

  8. Malsen says:

    I love her coat – very beautiful pics!

  9. uanset says:

    very elegant

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Marta says:

    this i why i love new york – some people living there are absolutely stylish, and have such unique style!

  12. FH says:

    Beautiful Coat !!!

  13. aww I love the big giggly smile in the 2nd pic. Fashion faces can look too serious sometimes.

  14. Iben says:

    cool cape! has a sort of victorian feel to it!

  15. Miszelka says:

    Adore this look. Stunning.

  16. that white lace dress is chic, adds a certain bohemian chic

  17. Annushka says:

    Tremendous beauty the romantic girl in style of such powerful city as NY!!!))) These photos are wonderful!!!)))

  18. Oh my heavens, that beautiful, flowing white dress/gown (stunning black belt) and long coat and wonderful shoes. These are among my favorite pictures on this blog (and I have so many that I love)!

    And the model, herself, is beautiful and radiant.

    - David

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  19. karen says:

    Aww thats the artist Shae from
    Love her dress !

  20. Susie says:

    Gorgeous! She looks like a film star.

  21. Nyrha says:

    Lovely look. I love that coat

  22. KC says:

    i think i’ll love her more without the coat. such a wonderful dress.

  23. blog mode says:

    she is lovely, I love her vintage style :D

  24. ttv says:

    She’s very adorable with that outfit. It’s a lovely gown.

  25. Lovely pics!!
    Kisses from Madrid..

  26. Nice cape!

    caro from geneva

  27. I like her coat too. Perfect for this coming winter.

  28. STYLE STRUCK says:

    I love her coat!

  29. lea sehrose says:

    beautiful dress and coat…
    really nice style:)

  30. Gudrun says:

    I love her outfit, the coat is adorable.
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  31. FASHION ICE says:

    that coat is magnificent!
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  32. Emma says:

    I mean that coat ! (p.s. Yvan, du är bäst)

  33. jaicroise says:

    Love that camel cape! The star of this season!!!

  34. DEA says:

    beautiful outfit, gorgeous hair and a lovely smile!

  35. vipin says:

    I’m coming to new York now lolzz

  36. lovely !
    j’adore ton travail

  37. Coat is amazing!! I really love this blog!

  38. oliver Prout says:

    Wow a real Victorian girl,do you think she got dressed in a time warp? seriously steam punk.
    fashion photography

  39. iSpyFashion says:

    omg that coat/cape is just too amazing….! :D
    xoxo Holly

  40. i love the camel coat, i live in tropic country, sometimes i wonder if one day i can dress like this! lol

  41. kaaaarol says:

    unicamente bem elaborado,
    isso é um bom referencial!

  42. shoeista says:

    absolutely look this look!!