MELBOURNE – cbd, 11/22/10

If you are in town… I’ll be signing copies of my book on Saturday at Metropolis at 12PM.

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  1. annawithlove says:

    the first photo is ridiculously cool! as for the rest, fabulous as always!


  2. Annushka says:

    Very nice ART looks, streetstyle is boundless I very much love it!!!)))

  3. Kay says:

    It’s funny how I don’t usually come along such fabulous street styles while am in the CBD area. :P Only you can. :)
    Am definitely coming to Saturday’s event!!

  4. Sing says:

    The last photo, she looks great!

  5. Stylison says:

    the girl’s necklace is so cool! great!


  6. Stylison says:

    the girl’s necklace is so cool! great!


  7. Michael Beon says:

    Each picture represents the brilliant fusion between fashion and art.

  8. So the girl in the first photo is she trying to channel Lady Gaga? If so the hair needs some work, but otherwise interesting choice of fashion.

  9. i really adore this first pic

  10. FH says:

    Wow !! The dress in the first photo is original !!

    Have a nice day

  11. The girl at the third photo – super!

  12. E... says:

    I love the dress with the paint that looks in 3d…

  13. mariana says:

    wow, i love the first dress :o
    i want one :)

  14. That first dress is great. So comical but in a good way… not sure I’d go there but I applaud her for it.

  15. daphnie says:

    Romance was born dress is amazing…..

  16. Emmi says:

    how cool is that violin/cello-dress?!??!

  17. Juliet says:

    I love the jumpsuit!

    juliet xxx

  18. Anonymous says:

    Where is that first dress from?

  19. I can’t wait for more pics. Melbourne is so so great and am thinking it’s going to have a bunch of fashion talent! :-)


    + + + + + + + + + + +

  20. Micheal M says:

    Intense Hardware. Also you should stop by New Zealand again!

  21. Lou says:

    Love the first picture sooooo much
    Look at my blog

  22. christina says:

    The guy with sunglasses in the 2nd photo = nice xxx

  23. Ares says:

    Please, I need to know how can I get the dress on the first picture.

  24. Rainbowing says:

    Wow a violin dress! That’s better than Gaga could ever pull off!

  25. Anonymous says:

    really love the violin dress!

  26. magamagaia says:

    i like so much the picture with the girl that wears the dress with the bass! i think that it’s great ’cause it seems that the music is always with you…everywhere!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I really love the picture with the girl that wears the violin dress! it seems that the music is always with you!!!!

  28. Judy says:

    I think the violin print shirt/dress is from

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  29. Lo Notes says:

    i LOVE the first dress! does anyone know where i could buy it?!??!