TBILISI – natuka, georgian fashion week , 10/25/10

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  1. I love the t-shirt…amazing

  2. Cecille says:

    lovely combination! i love her earings!!

  3. noelia says:

    lovely photo,I usually visit your blog
    always good styles and cool images
    I invite you to visit mine…


  4. E... says:

    CHanel t-shirt justa amzing andf bautiful!!!

    Love it and desire it!


  5. Shebelle says:

    hot red chilli coco

  6. love this red pant…

  7. Maya says:

    How cool is she, ha? I mean she looks like a girl from a book, right?
    I love that.


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  8. Wow she is beautiful.
    Those red pants are cool.


  9. wow she looks stunning! everything about this look.. its perfect! x

  10. Iben says:

    those pants are fierce!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Love the nautical look but the building is gorgeous too! I wish NY had more of a victorian look.

  12. Ana says:

    I have a pair of red trousers that I’ve been stuck with not knowing how to wear them. Love this! Consider me inspired!

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  13. BM says:

    wow she has such a great look. loving her hair.


  14. diane says:

    I love the red pants, they remind me of Sonia Rykiel’s from 2 winters ago. I had a pair like that, and like an idiot I hemmed them. sigh.

  15. jaicroise says:

    The famous t-shirt, seen outside some fashion shows… Certainly the top to have right now! I love the tomato pants.


  16. Annushka says:

    Love, Love, Love…

  17. BARGAIN BEX says:

    those high-waisted red stunners are just entirely too dreamy …


  18. That’s a nice looking outfit..

  19. I love it, kind of a “superwoman” look! (I know it’s not meant to look like a picture of a caped cruisador, but it does!)

    – David

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  20. ttv says:

    She looks so gorgeous.

  21. Johana Kafie says:

    i love her shirt and earrings

  22. this is amazing. so in love with those pants.


  23. Great Trousers! I’m loving your blog – I’m going to become a follower right after leaving this comment.

    If you ever feel like taking a look at another fashion lover’s blog here is the link to mine! I hope you enjoy.


  24. Micheal M says:

    Fake Chanel very ironic seeming Chanel recently raised prices on items like their 2.55 Bags to increase “exclusivity”. The Architecture is also very nice

  25. says:

    Sur la 1ère photo elle a une pause terrible avec ce fute rouge !!!

  26. Nancie says:

    effortless style!

  27. Came across your book in the V&A Museum!

  28. John says:

    Tres jollie!!!

    The red pants are really something… they add a touch of color and nuance to the overall outfit.


  29. classiq says:

    Red, beige and striped t-shirt: perfect match

  30. Rachael says:

    so chic. She pulls those red pants off so well!


  31. Alyssa Hopp says:

    great blog!
    CONGRATS!! :)

  32. Anonymous says:

    This picture could be mistaken for Paris, beautiful!

  33. blog mode says:

    I remember this Chanel striped jumper, it’s fabulous!

  34. I love this whole outfit!!! Those red pants are so cool and together with the CC t-shirt its perfect – casual & chic at the same time. The combo of stripes and red can just never go wrong ;-)
    Great photo! xxx


  35. Anonymous says:

    those pics load forever
    learn to compress so they don’t weigh almost 1MB eachreb