PARIS -fashion week s/s 11, day 6, 10/04/10

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  1. Vinda Sonata says:

    pandora looks really good.
    the last picture got my favorite style, though..

  2. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love the second to the last look. The colors are perfect!

  3. Katie says:

    amazing. love every single one <3

  4. Cecylia says:

    The 2nd girl is my favourite!!! Love the tweed jumpsuit AND the clutch

  5. Cecille says:

    that dress is fabulous!!!

  6. WOW!!!!!!!!! i love all of them…


  7. Anaivilo says:

    The first photo is stunning!!

  8. Nice photos, personally I prefer the look on the second one from the end.
    Ciao Daniela

  9. I LOVE the long, flowing dress of the model in the top two pictures. There’s just something about flowing material (especially in a slight breeze) to compliment long, flowing hair.

    – David

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  10. agata says:

    i saw Pandora on FashionTV when she was exiting one show, don’t remember which one though.
    both girls look amazing!

  11. diane says:

    I’m curious as to where the girl in the flowing dress was going.

  12. Francesca says:

    adore the last picture
    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  13. fashionslap says:

    Yay for the floaty dress it’s almost ghostly, but not so much since the leather coat. I love the photos it makes me miss fall actually with all the leaves on the ground. Cali doesn’t have the same nostalgia.

  14. Bibi says:

    i love the last picture, cosy but chic in beige tones .

  15. Moyra says:

    Love the colors and this set of photos, really gorgeous girls :)

  16. grey says:

    lovely the 1st picture
    and the girl in the grey

  17. Maria C says:

    Love the jumpsuit. Pandora has the most beautiful style.

  18. Sandy says:

    The first dress is stunning! I love how she wore it with a leather jacket, giving the whole outfit a bit of an youthful kick!


  19. Anonymous says:

    i love these looks!!!!! the third one is fabulous and that first skirt is tdf!!!!

  20. SOFIA says:

    это очень красивые картинки!))

  21. Shebelle says:

    All my fav color in the house.

  22. *Liya* says:

    love love love love that grey jumpsuit!!! looks so good

  23. Anonymous says:

    What a boooooooooooooore


    I’m sick of all those preppy Zara girls.

    Louise Ebel ? Seriously ?

  24. Margaret says:

    may have to steal louise’s dress

  25. I love Louise, she always has great dresses !


  26. Jasmin says:

    Louise’s dress looks great! jalouse!!

  27. Mei-li says:

    the last it is Lou Lesage it is isn’t it ?

  28. Catherine says:

    the first look is amazing :) <3

  29. E... says:

    I lvoe the first girl…her vintage-sexy style is really wodnerful!! In particular the hat (one of the most important accessories at the moment) is amazing!!

  30. achmea says:

    The first one is gorgeous!

  31. great pics!
    wanna know what’s happening in florence?Follow me on

  32. sandra says:

    Love love the first picture of the dress and leather jacket~


  33. d. says:

    very beautiful pics, pandora looks amazing.

  34. these pics are absolutely amazing, loved pandora’s looks and photos


  35. Amalina says:

    Everyone looks amazing…I especially love Pandora’s dress and the wedges in the second photo.

  36. Lisa says:

    J’A-DO-RE la robe de Pandora!
    Et il me semble reconnaître la dernière fille? Ne serai-ce pas Lou, la jeune fille qui joue dans “LOL”?

  37. Annushka says:

    I Love this style)))

  38. Rachael says:

    These outfits are amazing, I’m in love with the skirt in the first picture!

  39. Nemee says:

    This post is amazing. Pandora looks great, but she always does. I lovelovelove her style.

  40. lauralu says:

    love it when a light skinned girl rocks a nude–that girl pulls off the dress so well!


  41. FTD says:

    love the first look :)

  42. The girl in the first picture is sooooooo stunning! I love everything about her style!

  43. darwin says:

    Wow.. you are profoundly sexy.
    -+-+ sexy model -+-+

  44. I just adore the first outfit! What a fabulous combination! some of the “red carpet material” and the biker chick jacket.. love it! You have a very good taste in fashion