PARIS – fashion week s/s 11, bonus 2

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  1. AMAZING leggings! Plus, I love how cute and innocent the first girl looks and then you see her big awesome gun tattoo!! Love it!!


  2. Annushka says:

    it very nicely and beautifully!!!))) I entrance!!!)))

  3. diane says:

    Those leggings are so awesome, they almost made me forget the gun tattoo. I wonder what that means “How soon is now?”.

  4. I love your work dear Face Hunter, i wish to meet you one day ;)


  5. gabrielle says:

    me enacanta tus outfits!!! y el blog. te sigo!
    sígue mi blog si te gusta claro!

  6. I LOVE the first girl.

  7. uanset says:

    i love the triple coloured hairdo

  8. d. says:

    i love the first photos. AND THAT LEGGINS. oh, awesome.:)

  9. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love the camel skirt and belt on the first girl. x

  10. Matching your hair to your shirt has never looked better!

  11. five stones says:

    Love the first girl’s hair.
    And he squiggly script in her tattoo.

  12. Cecille says:

    The first girl is WOW in all means!!

  13. Nemee says:

    The first girl is absolutely stunning! I love her tattoo, and her blue extensions are gorgeous. LOVE this.


  14. Milla says:

    PARIS is Party!!

    amazing pictures!!

  15. lauralu says:

    love those leggings! i am kind of over them in general, but these are so unexpected and fresh..


  16. OMG amazing outfit in the first few pics!! drooling over every little item! The hair is great as well (and of course, the tat)

  17. KC says:

    i just love the girl with the colorful hair. i like all the colors on her.

  18. amazingggggggg pictures!!! so inspirational!

    feel free to visit/comment on my blog,… and add me on google friends and bloglovin if u wish!

    I wud love to know what you think!


  19. Micheal M says:

    Did anyone notice the subtle repetition of the gradient of her hair and the colouring of her outfit? Purposely or not very thoughtful

  20. christina says:

    my god she got lovely hair!

  21. Pink says:

    omgg they deserve a big WOWW

    check out my fashion blog at

  22. Christopher says:


    but the first look, this awewsome coat, just the best look….!!!

  23. fashionslap says:

    That tattoo is amazing and the more I see the men’s dress jacket look the more I like it.

  24. absolutely love the first outfit

  25. Beenie says:

    So amazing styles !!!

  26. stacey kelly says:

    that first girl has killer hair color. so so amazing.


    fall in love with kate lanphear…

  27. I am Elyse says:

    The pink hair. Definitely the hair!

  28. Mary Andrews says:

    That gun tattoo made me swoon so hard I had to include it in a recent blog post,

    Thanks for the inspiration!