PARIS – fashion week, s/s 11, bonus 1

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  1. beba says:

    Wow, the last girl is so beautiful and she have such a beautiful jacket, wow again.

    Peace and love!

  2. Maya says:

    super cool… Specialy the 3rd and last one (usually love this kinda volume play)! :-)


  3. impactant pictures….the guy was insipirated in Jewish traditional clothing???? jejeje

  4. Anaivilo says:

    I can’t believe fashion week is over. Stunning photos:D

  5. Amazing! Lovely post…great pictures!!!

  6. diane says:

    Everyone else is so dramatic that the girl with the camera almost gets overlooked. I love her fringed cardi and little blue purse.

  7. each and every one of these styles is amazing. i like the guy – he looks like a cuddly grey bear in his oversized sweater

  8. absolutely love the first outfit

  9. Angy says:



  10. katie kirby says:

    Beautiful photographs!

  11. Angela says:

    so beautiful…love the first pic!

  12. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love the sheer dress on the first girl!

  13. E... says:

    I lvoe the Burberry boots int he first pic, amazing way to wear that shoes…

  14. that sheer polka dress is so awesome!

  15. She looks nice with that jacket. I like the style too.

  16. Ms K says:

    love all the outfits but heart the cape in the 3rd photo the most


  17. A girl who dares to wear a backpack, it’s increasingly rare! It was daring!

    Caro – blogueuse from Geneva

  18. TheAL says:

    Aaahhhh love the flowy sheer dress and the beige cardigan.

  19. Isabelle says:

    omg i love the dress in the first photo! where can i get a dress like that??

  20. lauralu says:

    sheer polka dot dress = dream come true! want!


  21. Pink says:

    the first girl is amazing!!

    check out my fashion blog at

  22. nina says:

    Oh i love the sheer dress, to die for.
    And amazing photos, all of them!


  23. Great shot of Matthew. Also love the camera girl’s style..