LONDON – wendy & olubiyi thomas, broadway market, 10/30/10

New photos of Kiev Fashion Days on my visual diary.

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  1. The Fall says:

    such a small world! i saw the last guy at the japanese fashion exhibition at the barbican today – i remember thinking how stylish he was

  2. Anonymous says:

    someone please tell me where her boots are from!!

  3. Annushka says:

    Expressive faces, surprising with charm pictures, it is healthy, when such shots are possible, it would be desirable to look at them long!!!)))

  4. FASHION SNAG says:

    Both have great coats, but I love her red lipstick!

  5. Wendy’s coat, with the big black buttons to go with her footwear, over a beautiful red dress. Fabulous.

    – David

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  6. Love these pics! I love bicycle shots!

    Jenny @vpv

  7. Ms K says:

    the guy’s coat is so awesome!


  8. That’s a perfect combination she wears.

  9. Long trenches. Perfect.

  10. rouli says:

    love the 1st pic!


  11. London has the coolest people! I really like to see people like this on the street… makes me feel cooler by extension.
    Great finds FF!



  12. Just loved the color of her dress!

  13. Iben says:

    ooo, that dude is soo cool!

  14. hi! would you like to follow each other?? : )

  15. Sophi says:

    I just can’t get enough of camel on red! So good!

  16. Both look so stylish with out trying too hard. I love her boots, and the gent’s black socks/bright white shoes combo. Best of all, both of them look warm and friendly making them seem all the cooler for it. GREAT shots,

  17. Madame M says:

    Very graphic and colorful edit.

  18. that red dress is so beautiful!
    seems like vintage!

  19. the first outfit is fantastic

  20. Cecille says:

    veautiful pictures! i like so much her bike and shoes!

  21. blog mode says:

    I love her red dress!

  22. I liked the dress and the pic is really gud :)

  23. Katrin says:

    Great pics, she’s so up to date! Maybe the dress should be a bit shorter.

  24. I love this blog. Keep up the good work!
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