LONDON – fashion week s/s 11, bonus 5

The photos of my stay in beautiful Tallinn & at Robotaanika Park are up on my visual diary.

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  1. brilliant snaps, especially loved the second look


  2. idiaysan says:

    great the first photo, hair and especially the Indian shirt, I think I had a very similar when I was 7 or 8 years old … where is he? if we could ever rencontrer with bags of clothes that we throw away …
    kisses to everyone!

  3. nice outfiits! the hairstyle of the girl in the first pic its cool!

    kisses from Mexico!

  4. DebbieJ says:

    I love that hair of the first girl, reminds me a lot of Selah Sue



  5. i love the first outfit!

  6. simplysteph says:

    Fashion week is great and all. but I wish you’d make it back to the street. Leaves more flavor.

  7. says:

    All photos very nice!!!

  8. The first and the second pics are sooo inspiring! I love your shoots!

  9. Blackcowboy says:

    the last look ist the best for my taste.

    great pics

  10. the third one is my favourite!i love braids:)

  11. Hello Hunter, how are you?

    I love all the looks, especially the first pic and the second LOL

    kisses from Brazil*

  12. Annushka says:

    I Love these look)I love creative and the inspiring London)xxx

  13. GreenTease says:

    love the halter top in fist pic… amazing!!! where can i get one?

  14. everything is so good
    styling is so goddamn amazing!

  15. Prutha says:

    the 3rd one is my fav