KIEV – alla, sophie & sasha, kiev fashion days, 10/23-24/10

More Kiev atmosphere on my visual diary.

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  1. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love the longer hemline of the first woman’s skirt/dress.

  2. Outfits almost always seem more interesting if the person’s got a camera around their neck. best accessory.

  3. fashionslap says:

    Either the last guy is in an awkward shadow or he’s got feet like Michael Jordan wow. Anyway cool pics.

  4. landel says:

    In love with the center photo. she’s cute and bubbly to look up to. I like the head piece, so red and fun

  5. rouli says:

    love the look of the first lady so much!


  6. rocco says:

    Love the style of them. The glasses of the last one are beautiful.

  7. Uliss says:

    oh very nice
    More& more Kiev photos from you Yvan!!!!

  8. SCW says:

    Love and adore the second outfit! All of the outfits are so different from each other

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  9. Z--- says:

    I likee the platforms of the first photo!

  10. achmea says:

    eurekapaprika, +1 :) Often wear my vintage “Leica” as accessorize

  11. Maya says:

    The girl in the middle is great.
    Guy is strange but supercool.



  12. KC says:

    that witchy look has become so chic these days.

  13. second pic is great!which kind of camera is that one??:)

  14. diane says:

    I hadn’t even noticed the camera (as eurekapaprika mentioned). It was the applique on the dress that caught my attention.

  15. Shebelle says:

    I want her maxi dress xox

  16. E... says:

    The foot of the man in the last picture is so long…wow amazing effect (or is not an effect?)

  17. Sophie has an adorable smile, and love the dress. (Usually not wild about red and white strips, but this works for her.)

    – David

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  18. kim says:

    Love the last photograph.
    I’m hoping to get your book soon!

  19. Johana Kafie says:

    loving the pics!
    check my new post

  20. I like the bag of the first lady. Cool and nice looking bag.

  21. ttv says:

    I’ve noticed the shoes of the guy are too big. :-)

    That’s cool..

  22. Sarah Moyal says:

    The first woman from the top – love her boots and knee-high socks – awesome combo.

    Sarah of Steel City Street Styles:

  23. TheAL says:

    Fabulous striped top and headband. Love her tousled hair. Great look!

  24. Thinman says:

    The last shot is fantastic.