BOGOTÁ – venus, usaquén, 09/06/10

More photos of Bogotá on my visual diary.

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  1. Oh that’s a huge dog ??!!!

  2. T. says:

    I like her outfit, but the dog scares me.

  3. Cecille says:

    beautiful pictures from bogota

  4. Nemee says:

    LOVE the second photograph! Her jacket is amazing!

  5. Nolita says:

    She’s looking good and the dog also!

    –Nolita Vintage–

  6. Cindy says:

    Lovely photos, especially the first one.

  7. The model is cute. But that dog is so huge, I wonder who is walking whom!

    – David

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  8. Annushka says:

    The lovely girl with a dog, it is very interesting to me, the picture is full of harmony and style!!!)))

  9. Rebecca says:

    love the cape like garment in the first picture

  10. Soft Shock says:

    i love her second outfit! sweater and shoes are really nice!

  11. BM says:

    very cool look. that dog is amazing too


  12. Prutha says:

    totally and utter love her look and that doggieeee!!!!!

  13. fashionslap says:

    I love the red jacket. I have been loving red lately and I wish I would have picked up the red lace blazer from H&M last week…bummer hopefully it’s still there in a few weeks.

  14. diane says:

    What’s it like there? I need to do a “search” I guess. Love her red sweater. Great shot with the dog Yvan. xo d

  15. Poindexter says:

    That dog is a STAR!

  16. JULIANE says:

    They look so cool together!

  17. Katie Kirby says:

    I love the images and her outfits!

  18. first picture is just great!!!! and nice dog!!!

  19. Annabel says:

    parents homeland…so happy i got to visit for the 1st time this summer, la calendaria was my favorite area- reminded me of cartagena

  20. Emily says:

    great outfit and that is one gorgeous dog.

  21. Some of the girls look awefully thin… They don’t look very healthy.. Should eat a sandwitch or something!

    Beautiful pics as usual, but some of them….