LONDON – fashion week s/s 11, day 2, 09/18/10

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  1. JoewardM says:

    they’re all gorgeous! :]

  2. diane says:

    Tells fortunes, lives in a harem, forgot her pants. sorry.
    The quality of the photos is wonderful, btw.

  3. Rina says:

    . pretty girls, gorgeous styles!

    . always fantastic pics!! i LOVE this blog.

  4. the skirt on first photo!!love it!

  5. Pink says:

    wowww sooooo amazing!!!

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    leave comments and follow me pleasee, ill follow you straight away!! thanks!

  6. ❤Cate❤ says:

    Beautiful, I love the first girl she looks fab xoxo

  7. Shebelle says:

    I love the first gal, that see-through maxi is something :)

  8. says:

    Schwierig zu sagen welches Foto besser ist!!!

  9. Nolita says:

    Lovely hairpiece on the first pic!

    –Nolita Vintage–

  10. CROATOR.NET says:

    The first two looks are great! <3

  11. Mirabella says:

    I love the last outfit <3

  12. Remedy Rouge says:

    Love the transparent sheer maxi skirt! I admire her bravery to wear this. I love tough and bold women.
    (Streetstyle from Hong Kong)

  13. Anonymous says:

    the first girl looks like Alexa Chung

  14. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love the sheer skirt on the first woman! x

  15. You says:

    I’ll award a 10+; looks so very gorgeous.

  16. Nemee says:

    Love all these looks. First one is definitely my facourite, but I love the camel tones in the third.

  17. LOVE the last picture. Gorgeous.

    Much love,

  18. P says:

    Hej! Spana gärna in min sambos livsstilsblogg på Där har jag idag gästbloggat om politik och tyckt till om alla partierna. Håller ni med? Läs och tyck till på

  19. oh, wow, these looks are crazy, amazing pics



  20. Stylelover says:

    I wish I was one of those girls… simply amazing!

  21. HarassedSass says:

    adding a feather to a turban- brave. wearing a turban full stop- very brave!
    love the bravery of the first lady- fashion should be experimental and fun.
    the girl in the middle is more like me- kinda safe (sheer top, harems) but still mixing styles completely (love the beyonce style necklace).
    last girl is safe, but looks great! actually…was she wearing anything on her legs? love the blazer.

    love the site, am now a devoted follower! i am new so need some myself!

  22. Hannah says:

    Those pants remind me of Ace Ventura!

  23. fashionslap says:

    I feel like the see through shirt with black bra trend is in. I keep seeing it in LA as well. I think it’s risque, but still cute if you have the abs to pull it off that is. Seriously I would want to be cut and have a really good pushup bra before I did it.

  24. Jasmin says:

    the last girl is cute, her legs look miles long!

  25. Ms K says:

    awesome outfits! the first one is my favourite=)


  26. Pretty Poet says:

    great bag! and the head dress in the first pic I love!

  27. sofie says:

    So cool, love the first and last!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Nice shots, the second and third photo shows an outfit that would be perfect with my new dance shoes :) I will have to borrow the idea from this young lady

  29. Anonymous says:

    Nice shots, the second and third photo shows an outfit that would be perfect with my new dance shoes :) I will have to borrow the idea from this young lady

  30. jefhcardoso says:

    *Entre o sonho e a realidade eu prefiro a realidade que me permita sonhar.

  31. All about the sheer. Love the first dress!

  32. gucci uk says:

    these pics can also express information about fashion

  33. joy says:

    Double sheer! How do you feel about the sher trend?


  34. Lemond1 says:

    I like the way you pick looks , I am a huge fan of your work.

    Chech out my blog