TALLINN – merily, old town, 08/06/10

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  1. Cherie City says:

    Love all those ice cream colours! She looks beautiful.

  2. WAUW ! ! Those colors !!!
    great pictures !

  3. JoewardM says:

    i love those colors.so yummy! :]

  4. Kim says:

    love her blouse!:)

  5. Céline says:

    really nice.. Love the combination of the colors..



  6. Sarah says:

    That is one damn inspiring ensemble.

  7. Great color concept and the draped skirt, looks like bandage is absolte fab.

  8. Spring Dream!

    Love everything: The skirt, the blouse, the sweater, the shoes!

    And the lighting on the second shot is superb!

  9. Zuzia says:

    oh, she looks lovely! cool outfit


  10. Beautiful pictures. Like your blog. I hope you’ll become a follower of my blog.


  11. Love the pastel palette, beautiful.

  12. daisy kate says:

    That first picture reminds me of the kids tv show Balamory, purely because of the pretty and fun colours. I love this outfit and the natural look of the gorgeous girl. The pebbled road just adds to the whole appeal of the look, great photograph.

    Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype I’ve followed your blog for ages now and would really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have :) Thank you!

  13. KC says:

    candy colors!! reminds me of my high school projects.


  14. AHA! Pastel!!! smooth and chic!

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  15. says:


  16. this is such a cute look, a little too much pink maybe, but overall great



  17. Eden says:

    Nice outfit:))

  18. Vinda Sonata says:

    she’s amazing. those pastel colors look great for her skin!

  19. Cara Gray says:

    My first thought when i saw this photo was “i want to live in that world” – it looks co calm and pretty. :-)

  20. If only could know we were in the some places! =)

  21. Lovely combination of the pastels! And I like the door which you court in the background… ;-D

    HUGS fra
    A Shopaholic is loose… ;0)


  22. Luna Love says:

    Very cute.
    Love the colours!


  23. Vous postes sont absolument incroyable et je ne l’aime vraiment

  24. SCW says:

    amazing outfit! Love the colours, she looks fantastic. The shoes are so perfect

  25. Jonna says:

    Great outfit, love the pastel colours! x

  26. Diana says:

    i love the color combo.

  27. Waveney says:

    ooo what a great blog, so much amazing style!

    Waveney xx

  28. Studdedbows says:

    Those light colors are so refreshing!

  29. Miss Chérie says:

    She made the dress herself! Her blog is sequinmagazine.blogspot.com