STOCKHOLM – stockholm street style’s caroline & street peeper’s phil, fashion week ss 11, 08/18/10

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  1. Clara says:

    Love the camel tones in her celine jacket and his suit!

  2. Blink London says:

    her jacket is amazing, and I’ve just discovered Street Peeper via Susie Bubble and he’s a cutie too!

  3. Lorena says:

    Phil is awesome and has amazing hair.

  4. cleo says:

    caroline is amazing…i adore her jacket!!

  5. the first outfit is very chic

  6. Sara says:

    Caroline is so wonderful! Her style is so effortless

  7. Céline says:

    Love that first jacket!

  8. Céline says:

    Love that first jacket!

  9. Yes. I like these. I want them. Give them to me.

  10. I really like the woman’s jacket, so chic.

    Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

  11. Simone says:

    I love that colour! And Caroline’s jacket is beautiful

  12. JoewardM says:

    i am super loving the colors!and i love her jacket,esp the sleeves of it. :]

  13. snappy says:

    Not only a great sense of style, but great hair too. Very snappy.
    snappy x

  14. Have seen these picture already on several other blogs, but yours are still the best ones.The reader just get attracted to the pics.

  15. Nolita says:

    Loove the jacket on first two pics!

  16. That jacket in the second pic is nice.

  17. HEY! Is it true you’re coming to BOGOTA?..will you bring some copies of your book? Well I hope so…;)

  18. Ms K says:

    love the first outfit! original and stylish


  19. Oh what I would do for that celine jacket…

  20. Marie says:

    J’aime énormément

  21. Gunilla says:

    Love the lady’s shoes!! :D

  22. Jessica says:

    hihi, i saw caroline, i think her jacket is amazing, it looked really good on her.


  23. LOVE her Celine jacket, very chic :)

  24. Le 21ème says:

    Caroline looks SOOOOO sexy there!

  25. Isa says:

    OMG that’s Phil!! He’s so good!! He gave me the best street style photog tips. Thanks, Phil, I got my G11 and I take whole body pics from the front now!

  26. Pink says:

    really love her JACKET!!!! extremely CHICCC!!!

    check out my fashion blog at

    or follow me on twitter at TTOSindulgence

  27. OMG! A dude! You need more of those! ^^

  28. Ozlem'ce-LIK says:

    really reallyy beautiful jacket….