STOCKHOLM – lotte & frida, fashion week ss 11, 08/16-17/10

The photos of my entire stay in Stockholm are up on my visual diary.

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  1. Both of the outfits are so fabulous, I can’t decide which I like the best!

  2. Nolita says:

    Both girls look lovely! Love the leopard print dress.

    -Nolita Vintage-

  3. Lady on first 2 photos look so pretty. She got wonderful pose as what her body and face are. Perfect model.

  4. The first outfit is a look to adore. Love the inspiration of the 70s from color and silhouette-wise.She got the natural look to complete that allover outfit.

  5. mariana says:

    oh, you caught frida :)

  6. Fabulous shots! Lovely look…

  7. rajibkumar says:

    i like 2 oily face,and lips…

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  8. Jess says:

    great shots! :)

    Jess from Taiwan.

  9. W. says:

    Actually, I don’t see anything special in this two outfits, maybe except first girl shirt (mailny that sheer thing on her back)

  10. bubbs says:

    Wow! Fabulous outfits and great photography!


  11. I love both looks although I think the leopard print dress slightly edges it for me. I’m not a massive fan of what she’s wearing it with though, don’t really like the masculine shoes and long coat, although it is a nice juxtaposition between the femininity of the dress and the masculine shoes and coat.

  12. Amalina says:

    Lately I’ve been taking more notice to Frida…her face is so unique and so beautiful I have no words.


  13. Annika says:

    Wow I love the first outfit! The clutch looks really great with it!


  14. Alexandra says:

    Love both looks, I’m really fond of the top look that I’ve seen doing the rounds in the blogosphere lately. Her skirt is incredible.

  15. FASHION SNAG says:

    I really like the first outfit, but the face on the second model is gorgeous! x

  16. Mikyy says:

    I love the first outfit…

  17. Elle :) says:

    Wow :) Love this blog will defo be following :) if you can could you please check out my blog

    love elle xxx

  18. CanvasPrints says:

    Its seems to love love both.

  19. the first look is so pretty, loved the photos



  20. Wow. These are both sexy ladies and sexy clothes. Let me at them! (the ladies)

  21. Blink London says:

    great. Love the skin print and that clutch.

  22. absolutely love the second outfit

  23. Ashley says:

    Great Shots.. love both the looks..especially the leopard print dress..

  24. Ms K says:

    lovely! I like your dress paired up with leather coat =)


  25. Pink says:

    love the first look!! so adorable!!

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    or follow me on twitter at TTOSindulgence

  26. Sommerkind* says:

    cool stuff! greetings from vienna, sommerkind*

  27. Marie says:

    Really nice :) Excellent !

  28. that leopard blouse with the sheer on back is so beautiful!

  29. Prutha says:

    u and hanneli have the same girl on ur pics… did u guys shoot together?

    i love the first girl’s outfit

  30. Wow – the model (top two pictures) is absolutely beautiful, and wearing colors that compliment her skin tone and hair. Simple clothing (without outrageous shoes that some models think look great, but in reality look foolish), simple elegance.

    – David

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  31. Love the first outfit – chic, mysterious and subtle. Natural beauty!

    American Fashion Blogger

  32. great outfits!! wishing i was in stockholm right now!

  33. I just discovered this blog and I have to say I love these people style !

    Great blog ! Great taste ;)

    Feel free to stop by mine


  34. erin says:

    i noticed the first girl is also the same girl on right now!

  35. Jack Daniel says:

    I rather have a girl from Stockholm.

  36. ivan lee says:

    stockholm girls are hot- on a scale of 1-10 their hotness is around 8