STOCKHOLM – all in black, fashion week ss 11, 08/16-18/10

Check out my photos of the two first days of Stockholm Fashion Week on my visual diary.

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  1. Bearbabie says:

    I really like the last one , adorable❤

  2. Lovisa says:

    Agree, the last one is amazing. Love the stockings!

  3. Bojan says:

    wow! the first one looks gorgeous!

  4. The secone one is stunning! I love the long shirt

  5. The seconde one is stunning, I love the long shirt

  6. Stela ALVES says:

    Nice photos!!!

  7. Everyone looks mad stylish and amazing!


  8. I totally appreciate the small details in each outfit. The first image has the wow-effect on the belt-detail, which exeggerate the great body contoures.

  9. Nolita says:

    Nolita loves black and also monochrome!

    -Nolita Vintage

  10. Amalina says:

    I love the printed silk shirt in the third photo… the length is unconventional which makes it that much more appealing to me!


  11. FASHION SNAG says:

    I love the first look! It is gorgeous.

  12. Alexandra says:

    Love the first outfit, she has such a great look.

  13. The first girl is beautiful! Prefer the quirkness of the other two though…

  14. Marie says:

    these shots are amazing ! and I love love love the 1st one !

  15. Lorena says:

    I’m liking the extra high-waisted pants with the long unbuttoned top.

  16. the black jumpsuit and those tights at the end are so cool!

  17. Annika says:

    I love black! The main bulk of my wardrobe is black…
    but I love colours too, though there is just some classical elegance about black that no other colour (except possibly white…) can ever have…


  18. i loved the photographs, gorgeous faces



  19. The model (top two pics) is a stunningly beautiful woman. Her dress and stockings really are striking against her fair skin and blonde hair. Not too wild about the boots, though – they detract from the beauty.
    – David

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  20. wow the first girl is so very beautiful! Always love your shots- stockholm looks to have been full of beauties!kisses
    fashion clocked

  21. Pirtskhal says:

    Wow. The 1st one is Gorgeous!

  22. Nice! Always black is the perfect color in any time, place and event!

  23. diane says:

    I really like the girl is the last photo, especially those “cheeky” tights.

  24. style-haus says:

    all so chic in black! my fave is the first look

  25. Elsa says:

    I love the last one, especially her veil!

  26. Stephanie says:

    that top dress is the perfect LBD- can be worn anywhere but still unique looking!

  27. niamh says:

    the first girl has the longest legs i have ever seen O_o

    love the henry holland tights


  28. Debra Weite says:

    I have to tights…I like the way she wore them…

  29. Ophelia says:

    Fett snygg tjej längst ner där alltså.

  30. lovely:) i adore your photos!

  31. the first and the last one outfit aee amazing

  32. Maëva says:

    Très belles photos!

  33. Andrew V. says:

    Brilliant captures.

  34. Jack Daniel says:

    These are not models. These ladies are just standard Stocholm-girls.

    Most beautiful girls in the world.

  35. Young Cat says:

    You can get her stockings at Urban Outfitters

  36. Flinstone says:

    The first one has amazing legs! Like it!