ISTANBUL – melis, fashion week, 08/26/10

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  1. Marie says:

    AMAZING!!!!!! Congratulations ! I check your page everyday, and I am always impressed !
    I wish i could as famous as you :)))

  2. Amalina says:

    That sweater and those shorts combined…perfection. xo

  3. Cool photos in your visual diary. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities ever!

  4. Ashley says:

    shes so adorable! love her pics!!
    My Face Hunter

  5. GreenTease says:

    Those boots…. AMAZING!!!

  6. Vinda Sonata says:

    gorgeous outfit. love her leather shorts!!

  7. Sarah Dee says:

    That mesh top is amazing. I really need to go shopping, your blog is giving me a daily dose of style envy


  8. Pink says:

    fabulous look indeed!!

    check out my fashion blog at

    there re two new posts today!! dont miss xoxo

  9. Andee Layne says:

    love it! I just bought a pair from F21 that I cant wait to wear! xo

  10. Jack Daniel says:

    Perhaps I should visit Turkey, because I’ve never thought of seeing these kinda girls over there. Hehehehehe….

  11. nemee says:

    Love her laidback look. She’s really beautiful.

  12. That was so interesting, thank you for sharing!

  13. andrea paola says:

    just bougghtt a pair of leather shorts just like those the other day! but lalalovvve those flat booties really cutee :)

  14. She is really beautiful and I really enjoy her outfit! Love the bag

  15. I love the casual yet stylish feel of this outfit!

  16. eliska.h says:

    loove the outfit, such great stuff♄

  17. nyc lu says:

    love this look–i want to stock up on sweaters like that for fall! any idea where this one is from?


  18. David Lam says:

    I love the leather shoes and purse.

  19. Cecylia says:

    Ah youth and beauty. I love your photos!

  20. Eden says:

    Love her look:))

  21. absolutely loving the sweater! (: and the shorts are lovely.


    come by sometime?

  22. She’s perfect. I think she’s only 17 years of age. A pretty girl down the street.

  23. KC says:

    she’s not wearing heels but the innate chicness is amazing me.

  24. Easy styling, but it has its eye-catching momentum.Love the leather shorts with the loose knitted sweater.

  25. sue's closet says:

    so good the stylism! i like this leather shorts!!!

  26. Love that ! She is beautiful and I love her shoes <3


  27. these are cool photos, she is so pretty



  28. tackydidaxie says:

    beautiful hair! great shoes