ISTANBUL – fashion week bonus, 08/25-28/10

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  1. beba says:

    Great looks! Hah, 3rd girl reminds me on Blair Waldorf :D

    Peace and love!


  2. Biju B. says:

    Ooh polka dots, I love them!

  3. Biju B. says:

    Ooh polka dots, I love them!

  4. FASHION SNAG says:

    Wow, all the outfits are great. I love the polka dots. x

  5. Marloes. says:

    I love the last shot very much! great post

  6. David Lam says:

    I love seeing people carry things that match their outfits (i.e. – the envelope).


  7. niamh says:

    2nd girls skirt is great, her whole look actually.

  8. ~Julls~ says:

    Love that black & blue skirt!

  9. I love the 3rd photo, the clothes & the background…AMAZING!

  10. Sarah says:

    the third picture reminds me of Blair Waldorf, soo cute

  11. Nolita says:

    All of the are cool outfits!

    –Nolita Vintage–

  12. nemee says:

    Love the polka dots. I don’t like the longer, knee-length skirt in the second look though. The third look is my favourite.

  13. I have a hard time believing that such a short skirt (top picture) would be allowed in Turkey – a country that is Islamic (though officially secular). Now, the outfit on the model in the third and final picture: Beautiful.

    – David

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  14. Viki says:

    i love your blog!!

  15. KC says:

    shoulder pads, polka dots, miniskirt, and slick hair.. so chic.

  16. Pink says:

    i love polka dotss so cute

    check out my fashion blog at!!!

    and follow it at blog lovin:-)

  17. Cecily says:

    @ “Guppy” Honacker
    Have you been to Turkey before? I’ve been 3 times in the last 5 years, and I think if you went it would totally change your perceptions!

    Turkey does not feel like a ‘Muslim’ country, more like an Eastern European one. It is definitely exotic in parts, but I never felt I was travelling in a ‘Muslim’ country. People are always so surprised, because they think that Turks are Arabic (they’re not).

    Loving the outfit on the last girl, she looks great!

  18. Ms K says:

    love the huge envelope clutch in the 2nd pic and the bandage skirt in the 3rd photo


  19. Anonymous says:

    nice captures of istanbul (esp on your other blog). that is how turks experience istanbul. whereas “tourists” never know where to really go other than lame touristy places and end up experiencing istanbul as a whole different place. so the point is… if you are visiting istanbul, it changes things dramatically if you know some cool people who are from there.

  20. E... says:

    I love the skirt the mix of the color is amazing!!

  21. Love those dots top most

  22. Feminine stylings and dominated by polka dots.Stunning.

  23. u-ung says:

    they’re unique and different!!!GREAT!!

  24. nv says:

    I love the second girl’s bag. It seems out of place but so right at the same time.

  25. Prutha says:

    LOVE THE 3RD GIRLS skirt

  26. LM says:

    oh we love your blog! we follow you :) big hug!

  27. Novelty Pens says:

    The skirt is rockin! Love it!

    Novelty Pens

  28. Polyester says:

    am loving polka dots at the moment! this post has defs given me some much needed boot up the backside to get my polka dots out again

  29. all the outfits are great…especially the first

  30. This picture is awesome !!! And i just love her look !

  31. deryik says:

    haha, i loved the mini skirt comment. when tourists catch a cheap flight to Turkey, they could even lie topless under mediterranean sun! wow-surprise!

    turkey is not islamic, but the majority of the population is muslim. there is a great difference.

    btw, that tiny phrase of “though officially secular” actually explains why we had a war of freedom in 20s and founded a republic. so i’d say: a little respect is an instant cure for orientalism. stereotypes are not good for your health.

    lastly: i think saying “but turkey is not like a muslim country” as a counter arugment against “oh a mini skirt in islamic turkey!” is equally reflecting a stereotype against muslims. for ex, the country with the highest muslim population in the world is indonesia, not one of the arabic countries.

    oh and yes: nice pics.

  32. five stones says:

    love the voluminous polka dot top with that tight mini skirt!


  33. Jack Daniel says:

    I can’t believe these are taken in Turkey!

  34. Anonymous says:

    ISTANBUL – fashion week bonus, 08/25-28/10 Can anyone help me please? The image of the second girl with the cream lace top over a black dress…does anyone know where this top is from? I have seen it on other blogs also but can’t locate where it is from. Thanks : )