REYKJAVÍK – anna maria & vaka, downtown, 07/08/10

All my Miami photos are up on my visual diary.

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  1. Kiki says:

    The shoes in the last photo are so pretty! It gives me a raw feeling.

  2. Anthea says:

    Love th patches in the first photo. Also love the jersey and shoes in the 2nd last photo. Just lovely!

    Embracing Style

  3. Sarah Dee says:

    Her bag in the first photo is stunning and the sweater in the 4th absolutely blew me away! They both prove you can have comfort and style!


  4. . says:

    That cream sweater actually makes me look forward to the end of summer. It is fabulous!

  5. Blackcowboy says:

    her bag is amazing! Like it such a country attitude to it

  6. Davidikus says:

    The first patch-up dress is really nice I think – I would love to see more of it, uncovered – the jacket seems surplus to requirement (unless it is very cold, which it may well be in Ireland!)

  7. dévisageur says:

    @Blackcowboy, Reykjavik is not in Ireland, it’s in ICELAND, where the average temperature in Summer is 14 degrees Celcius!

  8. rebecca says:

    Seriously want the last girl’s sweater <3

  9. Natural look with handcrafted design elements like the crochet detail or the frills at the bag. Native design on trend. Fab!

  10. Florentine says:

    yey tomorrow i will arrive in reikjavik,too!

  11. i want first top and last shoes, so rad!

  12. lina says:

    The last girl’s sweater is a dream. And the cool wather there even more. Wish i could be there right now instead of sweating so bad here in Germany.

  13. nemee says:

    i love the fringes in the first look and i love everything about the second look , it’s very pretty . i love the shoes too , they remind of rodarte .

  14. joana says:

    such great style-pictures. love your angles

  15. JÜLİDE says:

    When are you coming to Turkey?

  16. Zimple says:

    nice espadrilles ! :)

  17. niamh says:

    last girl is rad. love it all


  18. cute looks, loving the scandinavian cardigan


  19. Masha says:

    lovely second style with the sweeter from a mountain trip and the shoes are so funny))

  20. Stephen says:

    I never such amazingly stylish people (and clothes) existed in Iceland.

    This is fantastic and I wouldn’t have known without your blog.

    Definitely warrants a visit!


  21. Anonymous says:

    loooooooooove the shoes!

  22. MarieMJS says:

    If someone knows where to find that bag, please tell me, it has literally become my dream bag as of now! OMG fringe overload!
    Please, I officially begins the facehunter investigation!